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With sagging… Oh! Poll numbers! (I was thinking of something else.)With sagging poll numbers and the Iowa caucus less than a month away, the real Mrs. Bill Clinton has emerged, and it’sno more Mr. Nice Guy.Mrs. Clinton has accused fellow Senator Barack Obama of running a political slush fund, of being too ambitious(because in kindergarten and third grade he said he wanted to be President), and of being too inexperienced, and of lacking political courage.

Now, if Barack Obama has the onions, he can stomp all over this assault. Mr. Obama: Just lay out the history of Clinton fundraising, including the current campaign. Mrs. Clinton is the last person in the world who should mention money and ethics in the same sentence! The Norman Hsu episode, the Chinatown bundled money scandal echo the illegal fundraising orgies of the previous Clinton campaigns. Not to mention the White House years –renting out the Lincoln bedroom, the White House “coffees,” and so on. With Mrs. Clinton’s personal history– cattle futures, fraudulent real-estate deals, missing records–she attacks you, Obama? It’s laughable!

And aside from failed health-care and bimbo-eruption management, just what experience does Mrs. Clinton have? Mr. Obama: This woman– of all people –accuses you of being too ambitious, of not knowing your place? If she hadn’t married Bill, nobody would know her name! You know it, and I know it!

The political courage needed at this moment, Mr. Obama, is to be the first Democrat to face Clinton, Inc. down without getting kneecapped. Try it! It’ll work!

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