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Rush’s Morning Update: You’re Screwed!
December 6, 2007

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Within hours, three new stories about oil hit the wires:

• From the Beltway: Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, ignoring threats of a Presidential veto, vowed that Democrats would push through $21 billion in tax increases — targeted at the oil industry. The money would supposedly be used to “foster development” of “renewable fuels” — none of which will be in your gas tank for years. If ever. So … the oil industry has been given notice: They owe $21 billion more in taxes. What’ll they do? Bend over, grab the ankles, and fork it over? Of course not, folks. They’ll pass along the cost of doing business to their customers — you! The Democrats’ plan will also force automakers to raise fuel efficiency — which would dramatically raise manufacturing costs. So in addition to demanding that you people pay more for gas — Democrats will raise prices on the vehicles you buy.

• Up in Alaska — a group of environmental wackos and “native Alaskans” asked the Ninth Circus Court of Appeals to block Shell Oil from exploring for new oil near the Arctic reserve. The noise would bother the bowhead whale. Dammit, we can’t have that!

• All of this took place as OPEC announced they’re not going to increase the supply of oil on the market. Within hours the price of crude was about 90 bucks a barrel.

Those of you concerned about gas prices — face it: Between OPEC, the wackos, and the Democrats… you are just screwed. Time for you to bend over and grab the ankles.

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