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“We were told during the campaign that Obama would fundamentally change the way the US economy works — and he has. We are getting to see exactly what he meant.”

“The Democrats are gonna have to figure out what it is that they are most proud of. Are they most proud of the culture of corruption or the culture of erection?”

“When you look at all of American culture, you can probably count on one hand the number of people who have universal respect who are untouchable. It isn’t very many people, which is not good, folks.”

“If you want to fix the US economy, then you defeat every person with a D next to their name every November election there is.”

“Even knowing the biases and knowing what State-Controlled Media is, I am still surprised they are so willing to make fools of themselves by trying to act and speak as though there has been an economic recovery in the last two and a half years.”

“There’s not a single person living in the real world who believes we have been in a recovery. And the reason is, we haven’t been in one.”

“We have arrived at the point in time where Republicans have to teach remedial economics to news anchors at the TV networks.”

“What other program can get away with not identifying itself for a half hour and still everybody knows what they’re listening to? Ha-ha-ha-ha.”

“People still need heroes. We still need people to look up to, still need people that we strive to want to be like and emulate. When nothing is admired, what is there to strive for?”

“So Mitt Romney today said that Barack Obama has been a failure. Mitt Romney says Obama has failed the country. Gee. I haven’t heard that before.”

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