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RUSH: Giant See, I Told You So. Huge, huge See, I Told You So. We’re going to go back first, lifted some audio from Rush the TV show, March 8th, 1994.

RUSH ARCHIVE: The Hillary Clinton story basically is this — and see how similar this sounds to the old days before the modern era of feminism raised its head. You’re a girl, you’re a young woman, what do you do? You go off to college. That’s what she did. Why do you go? To meet your husband. That’s what she did. She wouldn’t be where she is if it weren’t for her husband. So she goes to college, finds some guy that she thinks is going somewhere, latches on to him, maybe she steers his career as some women are prone to do, maybe she followed, who knows, but the point is that when he got wherever he was going, that’s when she moves in to take over.

RUSH: That was March 8th, 1994. Here is Mrs. Clinton last night on World News Tonight with Charles Gibson.

GIBSON: She fell in love with a fellow student, Bill Clinton. But she was reluctant to marry him.

HILLARY: He was a force of nature. He was the center of most of the attention. I’d never known anybody like him. I just had no frame of reference. But I knew I was getting into something really big, whatever it was, you know, and, therefore, I was hesitant. I never understood how difficult it would be to navigate his political career on my terms.

RUSH: ‘To navigate his political career on my terms.’ That’s when she moves in to take over, as I said all the way back in 1994. This is a huge See, I Told You So, and this, ladies and gentlemen, is a great illustration of what I mean when I say you listen to this program regularly, you are on the cutting edge. You will know about these people before maybe even they know about themselves. You will know what’s going to happen and what they are going to say before they say it. I saw this and I went, ‘Whoa!’ (laughing) It’s scary. It is scary how right I am sometimes. I mean, even to me, folks.

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