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RUSH: By the way, the left — ho-ho-ho-ho — you heard about the CIA destroying some tapes? (laughing) Harsh techniques! Abu Zubaydah, friend of Bin Laden, 2003 or 2004 when this happened, I’m not sure. At any rate, the left is fit to be tied! The CIA destroyed tapes! The New York Times is upset. ‘Somebody could have leaked us those, and you destroyed ’em?’ (laughing) The announcement was made by the Director of Central Intelligence, Hayden, yesterday. Here’s a montage of Wolf Blitzed, John Roberts, Barbara Starr, Kiran Chetry — that’s all from CNN — Chris Cuomo from ABC, Russ Mitchell from CBS, Robin Roberts, from ABC, and David Shuster from PMSNBC.

WOLF BLITZER: Secret CIA tapes of interrogations destroyed!

BARBARA STARR: Two years ago, the CIA destroyed videotapes of the interrogations.

COOKIE-CUTTER ANCHOR JOHN ROBERTS: Dramatic disclosure from the CIA. This morning the spy agency is admitting it destroyed tapes showing extreme measures being used in the interrogation of two Al-Qaeda operatives!

KIRAN CHETRY: The agency admitted it destroyed two videotapes!

CHRIS CUOMO: The CIA is admitting this morning it destroyed videotapes!

RUSS MITCHELL: …destroyed the tapes.

ROBIN ROBERTS: They admitted, destroying video tapes of severe interrogations.

DAVID SHUSTER: Why do they have to destroy the video because they fear, OHHHHHH!

RUSH: No, it’s because they keep secrets, you idiots! It’s the CIA, for crying out loud! What are we talking about? Are they a video production company for you people? I’m sorry to rant. I really am. I know my voice rises. It’s not as bad as Mrs. Clinton’s, but… It’s the CIA. They are supposed to keep secrets! Good grief. What do they expect? The CIA to make these tapes available? Yes, they do, because they’re not interested in national security. They just want to go after the people who are protecting us. I don’t think it’s ever going to happen. These are people that would kill you as soon as look at you. They’d do it in the most vicious and brutal ways. We’re dealing with a new breed of human debris here.

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