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RUSH: Terry in Santa Rosa, California. I’m glad you waited, sir. Nice to have you on the program.

CALLER: Yeah, hi, Rush, nice to talk to you.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I just wonder why you’re not mentioning anything about Algore receiving his Nobel Peace Prize?

RUSH: In fact, I’ve got the audio spites coming right up here. They’re numbers 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19.

CALLER: Okay, just because I know you said you were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, I think that was just a joke from the very beginning.

RUSH: A joke?

CALLER: Who nominated you?

RUSH: How can you say that? Nobody gets nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize as a joke, sir. I resent that. They can never take that nomination away from me.

CALLER: Who nominated you?

RUSH: Landmark Legal Foundation.

CALLER: Your buddy down the hall, right?

RUSH: No, they’re not down the hall.

CALLER: What’s his name, he’s a lawyer buddy.

RUSH: Why are you so contentious?

CALLER: I’m not contentious.

RUSH: Yes you are. Your guy won the Nobel Peace Prize as a fraud perpetrating a hoax, you should be happy.

CALLER: Well, no, I am happy. I’m in a really good mood today. There’s a lot of things I want to talk to you about, I told Snerdley that I was a seminar caller because I figured I could get on that way.

RUSH: Well, you’re actually not a seminar caller.

CALLER: Well, you know, there’s no such thing as a seminar.

RUSH: No, seminar callers lie, seminar callers —

CALLER: No, there’s no seminars, there’s no more Rush rooms.

RUSH: (laughing) There are seminar callers.

CALLER: There aren’t, you know there’s not seminars.

RUSH: (laughter.)

CALLER: Rush, come on, you —

RUSH: And there are Rush rooms.

CALLER: Listen, do me a favor, say hello to my friend Jim. I know he’s listening to you right now or having lunch, and he’s over in his truck I’m sure listening to you, and he’d get a real kick out of that.

RUSH: Your friend Jim is listening to me right now, he’s over in his truck listening and would get a kick out of me saying hi to him?

CALLER: Yeah, because he’s your biggest fan in Santa Rosa.

RUSH: Jim, what are you doing hanging around with this guy?

CALLER: (laughing) He’d like that. He’s a good guy. But I do my best to convince him that we liberals are not anti-American.

RUSH: You’re not anti-America per se, you’re anti-America tradition and institution.You want to change America. You want to keep America, but you want to change —

CALLER: No, we don’t, Rush —

RUSH: You want to hang George Bush. You want to pin Bush with war crimes. You want to get rid of some of the traditions and institutions that made the country great, but you want to keep America America.

CALLER: I’m sure, Rush, I’m sure that George Bush is a real nice guy. I’m sure you’re a nice guy. I don’t agree with George Bush’s policies, but my father, when he supported John Kennedy when I was a kid, I asked him, ‘What if the other guy wins?’ he said, ‘Then he will be president and I will support him.’ And my father was a good Democrat.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: And I believe that, you know —

RUSH: That’s a long time ago. If John F. Kennedy were alive today, he’d be called a conservative demagogue and would not be allowed to speak at the Democrat National Convention, if he hadn’t changed. This guy was big on tax cuts; he fought the commies, and you want to talk about secret wiretaps? It was during the JFK administration that we wiretapped Martin Luther King from the Justice Department. All right, look, I’m glad you called out there, Terry, thanks so much.

Les in Williamsburg, Virginia. Great to have you, sir. Nice to have you on the program with us.

CALLER: Hi there, Rush. I just wanted to say real quick if I can that for 18, 20 years, now I’ve wanted to thank you in person for the enlightenment that you bring to America. And you are doing the job of the mainstream media. Terry in Santa Rosa, the lack of evidence is not evidence. Just because you don’t know about seminars going on doesn’t mean they’re not happening, and Caesar in Richmond, right up the street from us, gosh, that is just so heartfelt. Anyway, I’ll get to my thing real quick. As a salesman with a business that I have run for 18 years selling car care products — made in America, by the way — I understand that a very effective sales technique that is often used by liberals is to attempt to scare your prospects. Algore works this to no end. But one of the things in that sound bite that you played earlier in your show today that I thought was very interesting and wanted to get your comments on, Rush, was that in one sentence he used the words ‘imminent’ and ‘reversible,’ and I would argue that you cannot have something imminent be reversible.

RUSH: You are exactly right. In fact, this would be a great opportunity to transition into the Algore sound bites from his crazy Nobel speech, a speech I should have been giving today. But he gave it. This morning in Oslo, we got five of these. I don’t know how many I’ll be able to get through. But here’s the first one.

GORE: Seven years ago tomorrow I read my own political obituary, and the judgment that seemed to be harsh and mistaken, if not premature. But that unwelcome verdict also brought a precious, if painful gift, an opportunity to search for fresh new ways to serve my purpose.

RUSH: Get this next bite in which the former vice president compares those who don’t believe in his hoax to those that appeased the Nazis.

GORE: We, the human species, are confronting a planetary emergency, a threat to the survival of our civilization that is gathering ominous and destructive potential even as we gather here. However, despite a growing number of honorable exceptions, too many of the world’s leaders are still best described in the words Winston Churchill applied to those who ignored Adolf Hitler’s threat, and I quote, ‘They go on in strange paradox, decided only to be undecided, resolved only to be irresolute, adamant for drift, solid for fluidity, all-powerful to be impotent.’

RUSH: We’re deniers, and now we are being compared to the same people that appeased the Nazis, people that believe global warming is a hoax. It’s interesting, our buddies at Newsmax released a story today on the very day that Gore walked to the podium to accept his Peace Prize. ‘As much of the US is being blasted by vicious ice storms, a blockbuster report published in a prestigious scientific journal insists that the evidence shows that climate warming is both natural and unstoppable and that carbon dioxide (CO2) is not a pollutant.’ Please, would we please have some people use common sense and understand that that has to be true! How can carbon dioxide be a pollutant when we exhale it? Plants use it! ‘Writing in the International Journal of Climatology of the Royal Meteorological Society, professor David H. Douglass (of the University of Rochester), professor John R. Christy (of the University of Alabama), Benjamin D. Pearson and professor S. Fred Singer (of the University of Virginia) report that observed patterns of temperature changes (‘fingerprints’) over the last 30 years disagree with what greenhouse models predict and can better be explained by natural factors, such as solar variability. The conclusion is that climate change is ‘unstoppable’ and cannot be affected or modified by controlling the emission of greenhouse gases, such as CO2, as is proposed in current legislation.’

On a related story, can I just give you an example? Every day we get weirder and weirder examples of how over-the-top the hoaxers have become. ‘A West Australian medical expert wants families to pay a $5000-plus ‘baby levy’ at birth and an annual carbon tax of up to $800 a child. Writing in today’s Medical Journal of Australia, Associate Professor Barry Walters said every couple with more than two children should be taxed to pay for enough trees to offset the carbon emissions generated over each child’s lifetime. Professor Walters, clinical associate professor of obstetric medicine at the University of Western Australia and the King Edward Memorial Hospital in Perth, called for condoms and ‘greenhouse-friendly’ services such as sterilisation procedures to earn carbon credits. And he implied the Federal Government should ditch the $4133 baby bonus and consider population controls like those in China and India.’ And, if you read this, professor Walters, clinical associate professor, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, calls for condoms and greenhouse-friendly services such as sterilization procedures to earn carbon credits. What he is saying is that human beings are now regarded as mere pollution, to be abated like some toxic chemical, by an obstetrician. This is your global warming movement, in action. Don’t buy it.

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