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RUSH: This is Caesar in Richmond, Virginia. Hi, Caesar, nice to have you with us on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush, it is a pleasure speaking with you, sir.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: Yes, sir. I just wanted you to know for the record, you know, I just say this, I’m a 63-year-old black male, and I’ve been listening to you for five years. I was actually a Democrat when I started listening to you. Since then, I’ve changed. The Republicans have let me down also, but I’m no longer a Democrat.

RUSH: (clapping)

CALLER: And I just want to thank you for the information that you have provided. I have learned more from you in the five years of listening to you than I’ve learned, quite frankly, in school. And I appreciate it very much, sir.

RUSH: Well, that’s very nice. Thank you so much.

CALLER: And I thank you for your service, because you do provide — I’m a Vietnam veteran myself, but you provide a great service to the people of America, if they would only listen, and I appreciate you, sir. Thank you very much.

RUSH: Caesar, you made my day. I appreciate that. Caesar, people like you, exactly what Tom Daschle was talking about after the 2002 midterms, they had, quote, unquote, their experts analyze audiences of various talk shows, including this one and ratings and so forth and Daschle went public. He said, ‘We were surprised when our experts told us that Limbaugh is not just preaching to the choir, that there are Democrats that are listening to Limbaugh, and some of them are changing their minds,’ and Caesar is one of them.

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