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Rush’s Morning Update: Tapes
December 11, 2007

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Today the CIA Director, Michael Hayden, will face the wrath of liberals on the Senate Intelligence Committee;they are enraged that videotapes from secret interrogations of Al-Qaeda terrorists were destroyed two years ago.

Democrats have their collective undies in a bunch. Senator Joe Biden is so mad his hair plugs are standing on end. He’s demanding a special prosecutor. Jay Rockefeller, who runs the Intel Committee, first said he knew in 2006 the tapes were destroyed in 2005;then he said he just found out on Dec. 6. And now he’s asking: “Were there things on those tapes they didn’t want to have seen, that didn’t conform to what the Attorney General would allow them to do? Were they just trying to bury the general subject?”

Well, let’s ponder that. The head Intelligence Committee Democrat wants to know if, by destroying the videotapes, the CIA was trying to prevent people from seeing what was on them. Why, that’s a pretty tough call,but I guess the answer would be, “Yes.”

Maybe the CIA wanted to ensure the tapes couldn’t be leaked to the New York Times or Washington Post. Maybe the CIA, already a whipping boy of the anti-war kook left, didn’t want the crucial work of protecting America sidetracked by phony debates– like this one– over how they extract critical information from terrorists who’ve killed thousands of us. Maybe they didn’t want to hear any more lectures from the likes of Ted Kennedy about waterboarding. Maybe the CIA knew exactly what they were doing. Maybe they were trying to protect the identity of agents…. They do keep secrets there, you know!

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