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RUSH: This is Liz, Kansas City, Missouri. You iced in, Liz?

CALLER: I am. I’m sitting here in icy Kansas City. And I was thinking, I think I’m going to call Rush and tell him my global warming story.

RUSH: Oh, good.

CALLER: Well, I am a school librarian. I work with kids in kindergarten through sixth grade. One of my upper grade teachers wanted to do a research project on global warming with her class and wanted to talk with them about the impact on Third World countries that we are having because of the global warming. So the kids came in for the discussion, and before they started researching —

RUSH: Now, wait, this is kindergarten through sixth graders that came in for this?

CALLER: No, it’s upper grades, fifth and sixth grades.

RUSH: Upper grades. Okay.

CALLER: So the kids were in there, and I realized that I had a great opportunity to kind of help them along to understand some of the truth about global warming. So much in the Rush frame, I talked to the kids about looking at sources and making sure you have the correct sources, but then I tell them about the cycle of the Earth and how everything happens in a cycle and how we’ve warmed and cooled before, and how humans probably didn’t have as much impact as they would like you to believe. And the teacher was dumbfounded. She did not know what to say. I told the kids that we had to be careful, that sometimes people tried to make something into like a hoax so that they could sell the carbon offsets and we needed to be careful when we looked at this, that it is true, that the Earth is getting warmer, but that’s based on information in a rather short frame. And to look at the true history of the Earth, you have to remember that it cycles and that this is a part of the cycle.

RUSH: Well, you’re doing the Lord’s work out there, Liz. What did the teacher did do? Did the teacher bring ’em in for just the opposite —

CALLER: Exactly, exactly. She was expecting me to send them right to Algore’s website.

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: It just didn’t happen that way.

RUSH: Let me tell you, this is undoubtedly going to come up again and I want to go back to this first premise that this teacher said, that countries like ours, America and developed countries are polluting and making it very difficult on Third World countries.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: Let me tell you how that’s true. It is true in the sense that the environmentalist wackos, the socialist ecologists and so forth of the Western democracies are denying Third World nations the opportunity to grow their economies, to improve their technological base, to modernize. When they don’t have the ability to modernize — these people want them continuing to live a primitive lifestyle because they think that will cause less damage. In fact, the greater the poverty, the greater the pollution and the destruction of the environment in Third World countries. Go to any of them and you’ll see what I’m talking about, you wouldn’t want to live there. The only way out for these people is for the world to help them via capitalism. The problem with the Third World is not rich countries like us stealing from them. They have nothing to steal!

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: We are not keeping them down. Socialism, communism, and dictators are. Yet they make a pretty picture for the environmentalist wackos who want to advocate a primitive lifestyle as a way of saving the planet from global warming. The thing to tell that teacher is that if you really care about the Third World, the fix for the Third World is not reducing the productivity and prosperity of the free world. It is increasing the productivity and prosperity and the modernizing of these Third World countries, and it takes capitalism and leadership from countries like the United States of America, not environmentalist wackos like Algore.

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