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RUSH: There’s a new poll out, and polls are gospel to these people, except the new one that says only 1% of Democrats say that The Oprah endorsement will affect their vote in Obama vs. Hillary. They say this was meaningless. So here we have a montage, Susan Page of USA Today, Jennifer Donahue from the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, Scarborough at MSNBC, Mika Brzezinski from MSNBC, Harry Smith at CBS, who admits he doesn’t even know how to use Google, Bob Schieffer at CBS talking about Oprah’s impact on the election.

PAGE: This endorsement, whatever the findings of this poll, has got to be a very helpful opportunity for him.

DONAHUE: Even 1%, that wins an election in this day and age.

SCARBOROUGH: I don’t believe this poll that Oprah will have no effect.

BRZEZINSKI: The latest poll out about the Oprah effect, while it says something, I still think that what they were able to do with this, they were able to bring in people.

SMITH: Does it matter that Oprah endorses Barack Obama? And there’s like 1% said, actually, yes.

SCHIEFFER: Most of that polling was done before these appearances over the weekend. We have to keep that in mind

RUSH: So, obviously, they’re disappointed here that only 1% say they would be affected by The Oprah endorsement. So we gotta throw that poll out, ‘Well, that poll took place before all the appearances over the weekend.’ The last voice you heard there was Bob Schieffer, who inadvertently stumbled into the truth this morning on the Early Show, exposing the truth about Mrs. Clinton. Harry Smith again, said, ‘Look, I talked to some of my very close relatives and friends, conservative friends in the middle of the country. They’re thinking, none of the above. While Hillary’s lead still holds, she’s dropped precipitously from a month or so ago, Barack’s on the upswing. If this continued for another month or so, could you see that she’d be in serious trouble? How do we read this,’ O great oracle, Bob?

SCHIEFFER: Hillary Clinton is trying to build her campaign around experience, and yet Democrats are saying they value new ideas as much as they value experience. That has really got to worry the Clinton camp. The other thing that I found astonishing in our poll is the thing that people like most about Hillary Clinton, Harry, is her husband, Bill Clinton.

RUSH: Another See, I Told You So. He was stunned in his poll that half the people — the thing most liked about Hillary is her husband. These people are so far behind the curve, while thinking they are leading the wave.

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