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Rush’s Morning Update: Taking Sides
December 12, 2007

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Amid liberal outrage over the CIA’s destruction of videotapes of interrogations, a new AP story delves into CIA interrogation techniques. AP cites a former agent who details how waterboarding was used to extract information from a high-level Al-Qaeda terrorist.

The former agent asserts the interrogation technique was approved only after the CIA presented “well-laid out, well-thought out” justifications to top government officialsat the White House, the National Security Council, and Justice Department; “enhanced” interrogation techniques were not used “willy-nilly” on whims from CIA officers — and the waterboarding technique was effective. Abu Zubaydah, the Al-Qaeda terrorist described in the story, started spilling his guts in under 35 seconds. And, according to the agent, Zubaydah told interrogators the next day that “Allah had visited him in his cell during the night and told him to cooperate.” After that, Zubaydah talked every day, andthe information gleaned from him disrupted perhaps “dozens of attacks.”

Now, my friends, elected liberal Democrats claim we are no safer now than before 9/11. They’ve called the war against terrorists in Iraq a failure. They have spent their congressional power seeking our surrender and threatening to deny funding to our troops. They continue to paint our intelligence operatives as rogues.

After decades of crippling the CIA legislatively, liberals are once again attacking those who protect us from harm and evil, trying to create an election-year political wedge issue. It’s clear that the Democrats have taken sides… and it’snot our side they’ve chosen.

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