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RUSH: Tom Brokaw will not stop talking about talk radio, and we all know talk radio is me. I know my parents raised me well, raised me right, and told me you’re not supposed to make fun of people’s peculiarities, but as a highly trained broadcast specialist, my friends, I must admit, I have never understood how somebody who can’t pronounce their L’s rose to the top of the news reporting business. It’s just me. (imitating Brokaw) ‘Matt Lauer.’ But nevertheless, Charlie Rose, who is literally clueless if it’s not happening within a five square block area of New York, talking to Brokaw about his new book, ‘Boom!: Voices of the Sixties Personal Reflections on the ’60s and Today,’ Charlie Rose says, ‘You say you hope it will be a catalyst for what?’

BROKAW: I hope it will get people talking past ideological food fights and trying to find some common ground, trying to decide what of the ’60s we want to keep and what we should leave behind. I’ve been appearing on a lot of radio talk shows, a lot of them tilted to the right or far to the right, and they keep wanting to divide the country up on that spectrum. And I say, ‘You know, let’s get beyond that.’ If the solution works, I don’t care whether it is liberal or conservative, let’s go with the solution. I think that’s where the country is. I think that they want the change in tone in American politics.

RUSH: That’s where the liberals are, because the liberals have lost their monopoly, and they’re sick and tired they don’t have total power, and so they look at the people who have interrupted their monopoly — i.e., me and talk radio — as divisive. When in fact all we’re doing is, after decades and decades of dominance by the left, we are simply responding, and we are fighting back. And they don’t know how to deal with that. I don’t care whether the solution is liberal or conservative? Well, I sure as hell do. I don’t want any more liberal solutions to things because it’s disaster. Why should we compromise principles to get along? What is it, the Rodney King of news now, Tom Brokaw? Here’s another bite. Charlie Rose: ‘Well, who does all that bode well for on the Democrat side?’

BROKAW: Any number of them can probably pull that together. I think that Hillary Clinton probably more than any other candidate is a polarizing candidate to the professional Republicans. She makes ’em crazy, certainly does on — those people who are on the talk show circuit out there. Obama thinks — feels very strongly that that’s what his role should be. He’s going around saying, and I think it’s a good campaign ploy, ‘Put the sixties behind us. I’m the guy who wasn’t there.’

RUSH: Yeah. It is the sixties generation last gasp to put their hands around the throat of this nation and start squeezing until the country’s in the shape they want it to be. But you notice here the question, the subject, of course, Rodney Kingification of America and the news with Tom Brokaw. I don’t care if a solution is liberal, I don’t care if a solution is conservative, I want to do whatever is right. Well, I do care. But notice the next question, well, who does this bode well for, Tom, on the Democrat side? Notice he didn’t even think to ask, well, is there anybody out there on the Republican side, Tom, that could perhaps accomplish what you want? It’s fun to see them such in a tizzy. They cannot defeat us in the arena of ideas, so they have to do what they always do, and that’s try to discredit, and smear, and characterize us as things that we are not.

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