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RUSH: Well, it’s a good thing Iran has no plans for a nuclear weapon, because the president over there, Mahmoud Ahmanutajob said Iran needs 50,000 centrifuges within five years so that it can make enough fuel for one nuclear power plant, 50,000 centrifuges. This is a Reuters story: ‘Iran’s uranium enrichment plans are the part of Tehran’s nuclear program that most worries the West because the process can be used to make both fuel for nuclear power plants or, if desired, material for warheads.’ What are we going to do about that? We have so many conflicting reports now. Yeah, they stopped the program in 2003, but then they resumed it in 2004. I’ve been thinking about this. There is only one man, ladies and gentlemen, who can get to the bottom of this whole thing and find the truth.

Did Iran really stop their nuclear program in 2003? Is the alleged new intelligence accurate, or a clever leak from the mullahs? If they did stop in 2003, did they restart it in 2004? Are we at less risk, or are we at greater risk? Why are our allies scornful of the conclusions in the NIE? This report has raised more questions than it has answered. And we need answers. We have enough questions. We need hard data. We need facts. We need the truth. There’s only one man up to the task, America’s greatest living fact finder, a man who can go to Iran for three days, sit in the cafe, sip tea, has all the contacts that will secure all the information, and that man is Joe Wilson. Mr. Valerie Plame, the super spook who can get to the bottom of anything except who sent him to Niger. We have to get Joe Wilson on the case here, folks, because obviously there are many, many confusing things.

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