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RUSH: Okay, got Alice in Munich back. Alice, less than two minutes here, but I didn’t want to have you wait until the next hour so, go ahead and ask the question. I’m sorry for all the interruptions.

CALLER: Okay, I appreciate the opportunity to talk to you again. My question is, since I have to send in my absentee ballot early, I don’t want to throw away or waste my vote and I can’t wait and find out how things go in Iowa or how things go in New Hampshire, the other early states. My question is, do I vote for the man that I think would be the best president, or do I vote for the one who I think would be the most likely to get the nomination and be able to beat the Democrat nominee, and right now I’m undecided. I would like for that person to be the same man.

RUSH: My advice to you would be, pick the person you think would be best to lead the country, regardless whether that person can win or not, because I think the people you’re talking about here, Mitt Romney and Rudy, I know that either of those could beat Hillary. Huckabee, I don’t know. Huckabee’s turned into a double digit lead in Iowa now over Romney, and that’s got everybody all hot to trot today because that was Romney’s state, he spent a lot of money in there and so forth. Who are you leaning toward?

CALLER: Well, I really like Fred Thompson, but if he’s not going to be able to pull it off and get the nomination, then I need to —

RUSH: Well, now, wait. I got 20 seconds here but a lot of people are writing Fred Thompson off right now, but Fred Thompson’s strategy is South Carolina.


RUSH: Iowa and New Hampshire are not his focus. South Carolina is his focus. So factor that into your decision, because it’s too early to rule anybody out here. Don’t fall to conventional wisdom. Alice, it’s great that you called all the way from Munich. It’s a thrill to talk to you. I’m out of time, I have to go, but I hope you try to get through again.

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