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RUSH: Gideon in Greenwich, Connecticut, glad you waited, sir. Welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hey, Rush.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: What’s Hillary’s equivalent of Karl Rove? Harold Ickes? Somebody like that?

RUSH: Well, wait a second. Run that by me again.

CALLER: I was wondering who… I guess I’m trying to imagine Hillary —

RUSH: There is no equivalent to Harold Ickes. Karl Rove is not a scheming slime ball.

CALLER: Well, I’m sorry. No, you’re right, I understand. I’m just talking about in terms of her top political advisor.

RUSH: Yeah, it would be Harold. In fact, Harold Ickes… The Clinton campaign decided that they had to go out to Iowa. They couldn’t manage this campaign from a thousand miles away in Washington. Harold Ickes said, ‘Don’t do that. You have a bunch of people flying into Iowa and it’s going to look like Panic City.’ So they went to Chicago. But, yeah, Harold Ickes is big, Howard Wolfson is —

CALLER: Wolfson, right. There’s another one. I was just imagining those two, they’re not unsophisticated. They know what they’re doing, and I have to believe that if they feel the need to put out some dirt on Obama, that they will do so in a clever way. They’ll try to float it out through a Republican — perhaps ‘Republican stooge,’ as they might say — so that then Hillary can condemn the information when it comes out and say, ‘Well, this is Republicans.’

RUSH: It’s a little late for this. The Hillary campaign’s already got both feet hip deep in it here.

CALLER: Well, yeah, but they care so — you know how you say they always accuse us of being like them, of what they really are. They desire power so greatly and I just can’t believe she’s going to let this slip through her fingers because of Barack Obama and Oprah.

RUSH: Well, one of the problems, one of the mistakes that you are making in formulating your hypothesis and your thesis, is that they are indomitable; that they are flawless; that they never screw up; that everything that they do — whenever it looks good, looks bad — is planned, that nothing ever goes wrong for them, and this is not the case. Lots goes wrong for the Clintons. You just don’t hear about a lot of it. It’s like I said the other day: Clinton doesn’t help anybody when he goes out to campaign for them. This guy Shaheen’s already stepped in it. ‘Why, Obama might be selling drugs.’ Then they’re out there since last summer. They got people going around to Obama supporters, ‘He’s running a slush fund. When the Republicans get hold of these things…’ They’re the ones putting them out, and it’s hit the light of day now. The newspapers today are filled with how the Democrats are screwing everything up, from the Democrats in Congress and their Iraq war resolutions, their inability to pass any meaningful resolution.

They’re the majority, but they can’t get any legislation passed. They lost. They’re going to cave on budget items. They caved on the AMT. USA Today says that the Democrats are a party lost when it comes to Iraq, because the surge is working. They are a party adrift, and they are lost. They don’t know where they are. You’ve got the Democrats in the House blaming the Democrats in the Senate for nothing getting done and vice-versa. When you get to the presidential level, it’s too late for Mrs. Clinton to blame the Republicans for this. Now, I don’t discount your theory that they will maybe try to find some Republican stooge to say something, and I doubt that we’ve heard the last of the dirty tricks from the Clinton campaign, because they are desperate. Make no mistake about this: They are desperate. This is not part of some orchestrated plan that’s designed to make them look like she’s really overcoming a battle. I think that was part of the original strategery, but this is almost spiraling out of their control now. It’s not working. It’s not bringing Obama down. Obama’s numbers are not plummeting during all of this.


RUSH: Doug in Atlanta, I’m glad you called, sir. It’s nice to have you here.

CALLER: Hey, mega dittos, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Great honor. Great honor. Hey, I wanted to just briefly mention an LA Times article from December 10th that — and for two points, one for fund-raising scandal possibilities with Hillary Clinton, and then the second point was just the fact that I have not seen this mentioned in any of the media outlets anywhere. So it’s kind of a story that seems to be buried. It was a story actually titled ‘Clinton Rolls a Sizable Pork Barrel,’ and it talked about her being, and I quote, ‘Hillary Clinton does earmarking on a different scale from most senators, and she’s made an aggressive pay-to-play earmark game,’ and then they also tie a lot of those recipients of those earmarks back to them giving funds for her campaign, and you don’t hear about this anywhere in the media. I don’t know if you saw the story or not.

RUSH: Yeah, I saw it. I had it in the stack a couple days ago and didn’t have a chance to get to it. They never, ever, talk about the Clinton fund-raising scandals in the context of them being ‘scandals.’ They just, say, ‘Oh, got some Chinese dishwasher in Chinatown, and they make like eight grand a year and they’ve donated a thousand to Hillary? Oh! They must care about America. Isn’t it great they’re involved in the political process?’ Norman Hsu! No, they’re just like that. You know what? People expect it. That’s why I say, ‘Put crime scene tape around Clinton headquarters.’ People just know this.

CALLER: Yes. I mean, it’s unbelievable. They’re saying over a million dollars in contributions from the people that were recipients of earmarks.

RUSH: That’s what they know. That’s how much they know.

CALLER: Well, I appreciate it, Rush.

RUSH: All right, I’m glad you called. I’m not trying to bring you down. I’m not saying it’s not important. We talk about it here. I’m just saying that as far as the Drive-Bys are concerned, that’s one of those areas that remains that they still marvel at how the Clintons do it. They get away with it. It’s because they look the other way. It’s just expected. It’s no different than the sun coming up every morning: The Clintons are going to have fund-raising irregularities.


RUSH: Roger in Coquille, Oregon, welcome to the program.

CALLER: It’s a big honor, Rush, big honor.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I just wanted to say that you’re the one that told us that nothing the Clintons do is by accident — and I’m glad you did, because we had to look at everything they do, and see if they did it on purpose, you know?

RUSH: I said, ‘Nothing that happens is a coincidence.’

CALLER: Right. Coincidence.

RUSH: That’s basically the same thing.

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: I didn’t say it always works.

CALLER: Well, I think that she probably has too many pots on the stove or something, and too many people doing things for her, making comments.

RUSH: No. Here’s the difference. This is being done against a black Democrat. If this were the general election and these tricks were being played against Mitt Romney, I’ll give you the difference. Let’s say this guy Shaheen in New Hampshire went someplace and said, ‘Do you know what? This Mormon stuff with Romney? This guy smoked marijuana. He was actually distributing this stuff during the Olympics,’ the Drive-Bys would then run to Romney and demand: ‘What do you mean you were distributing drugs during the Olympics?’ They would accept the premise.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: When it’s a black Democrat that this stuff is being said about… I mean, these libs, you know, ‘Race! Race!’ big Drive-By Media, ‘Civil rights! Race!’ When you’ve got somebody saying this guy is selling drugs, and when you’re out there trying to sabotage this guy by saying he’s got a slush fund when you have crime scene tape around your headquarters… Hillary will get away with every bit of this and more against whoever the Republican nominee is, but he’s not going to get away with it here — and that’s their miscalculation. They’re overly confident that the Drive-Bys will bend over and grab the ankles and do whatever the Clintons want, but not in this particular case.

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