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RUSH: What is Congress’ approval rating, 22, 24%? You want to know one of the reasons why? ‘The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee voted on Thursday to hold two top aides to President George W. Bush in contempt of Congress for refusing to cooperate in its probe of fired federal prosecutors. On a largely party-line vote of 11-7, the Democratic-led panel,’ it’s led by Pat Leahy, ‘sent contempt citations against White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten and former Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove to the full Senate for consideration. As with many of Bush’s battles with the Democratic-led Senate, the president may ultimately prevail since his fellow Republicans may be able to block the citations with a procedural hurdle.’ Now, this sets up the next story. This is purely for show. This is simply aimed at MoveOn.org, which literally is blackmailing the Democrat Party and the Democratic National Committee. They have such hatred for Bush. Hell, Howard Dean came out today, issued a statement and said, ‘Who says George Bush isn’t on the ballot? Every Republican in the top tier that seeks the Republican nomination has pledged to continue the policies of Bush and Cheney.’ They have to have Bush on the ballot; they’ve ginned up so much hatred. So they’re going to try to morph whoever the Republican nominee is, into Bush, and they’re sitting there with a 22 or 24% approval rating. They do all these things that go nowhere to satisfy the literal genuine lunatics that make up the base of their party.

This has resulted, by the way, because none of this stuff ever gets done. This has resulted… I mean, there is a meltdown in Congress right now. The Democrats in the House are pointing fingers at Democrats in the Senate and vice-versa. The Democrats in the Senate say that idiot Democrats in the House are sending stuff over to them that will never see the light of day, that doesn’t have a chance of passing because it’s too radical. Meanwhile, the Judiciary Committee passes this little resolution on Rove and Bolten which is just as radical and isn’t going to go anywhere, and there’s a front-page, above-the-fold story about all of this on the Washington Post today. It has got to be bad if the Washington Post and the rest of the Drive-Bys are not trying to hide this. Normally these kinds of things happen and get shoved to the C-section, page 17. Front page, above the fold! The Democrats aren’t just melting down. They are allowing the entire nation to witness the meltdown, and most of it is being driven by these Great Society relics, these sixties liberals in the House, who are far more concerned with scoring points than they are with any particular agenda right now. John Boehner, somebody in his office told John Fund today, ‘This is Christmas, and it’s come early.’

Here are a few great paragraphs from the Washington Post story. Actually, the story is by Jonathan Weisman and Paul Kane. ‘Asked about his decision on government funding, House Appropriations Committee Chairman David R. Obey (D-Wis.) groused to the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call: ‘I’ll tell you how soon I will make a decision when I know how soon the Senate sells us out.’ Senate Democrats have fired back, accusing Pelosi and her liberal allies of sending over legislation that they know cannot pass in the Senate, and of making demands that will not gain any GOP votes. Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.) noted that, this summer, Reid employed just the kind of theatrics Rangel and other House Democrats are demanding, holding the Senate open all night, pulling out cots and forcing a dusk-till-dawn debate on an Iraq war withdrawal measure before a vote on war funding. Democrats gained not a single vote after the all-night antics. ‘I understand the frustration; we’re frustrated, too,’ Bayh said. ‘But holding a bunch of Kabuki theater doesn’t get anything done.” It is a genuine meltdown, and you know what? I thought this was going to happen. I’ll betcha if we go back to the transcript archives of this program at some point in this past year, you will find that I referenced this possibility, not just the Queen Bee Syndrome with Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton, but the whole concept of these Democrats not getting along, and it was based on the fact that Pelosi was thinking she was running the town. So Dingy Harry… To illustrate this, Dingy Harry on December 5th, on the floor of the United States Senate.

REID: I can’t control Speaker Pelosi, and I hope everybody understands that now. She is a strong, independent woman. She runs the House with an iron hand. I support what she does. But no one needs to come here and tell me that I didn’t keep my word.

RUSH: Uhhh, who’s telling him that, aside from us? Could it be other Democrats? Could it be MoveOn.org? Could it be the anti-war fringe that he has secret nighttime meetings with? ‘You’re not keeping your promise.’ ‘I can’t run Ms. Pelosi. She runs that place with an iron hand.’ This is juicy, folks. I must admit that I love it. This is all happening out in the open for everybody to see, while they get literally nothing done.

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