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RUSH: This is amazing. It’s from the Los Angeles Times. ‘Is Clinton Now Planting People in Campaign Forums? — An amazing coincidence today on the campaign trail in Iowa with Hillary Clinton.’ Keep in mind, folks that nothing that happens with the Clintons is coincidence. ‘The New York senator was in Donnellson, Iowa continuing a broad statewide tour by herself, her husband, Magic Johnson and relatives and friends who’ve spread out to all 99 crucial counties to tell stories about her to soften and help personalize the Democratic candidate’s calculating image in what’s become a very tight caucus race.’ By the way, there’s an ancillary story to this. Clinton just totally upstaged this. I talked about this earlier, but he was somewhere at a grocery store, and he wasn’t supposed to go in there. He was just standing around outside where the little platform is set up, you know, throw your underwear to screaming ladies and so forth and get out of there. Say a couple words and go. He went into the grocery store to the produce section. He wanted to hang around the heads of lettuce or something, squeezing the melons, whatever it was, the cucumbers. He wanted to be within sight of familiar objects, and so the crowd followed him in there, and they lost control of the event, and he was just eating it up and signing autographs, posing for pictures.

Meanwhile, Hillary and Magic Johnson are outside on a platform, and nobody’s paying attention to them. Well, people still stayed out there, but all the excitement had moved inside the Hy-Vee grocery store. This is not an accident, folks. I tried to tell you this, brilliantly so, in a second-hour monologue. Anyway…’According to the Associated Press, at a campaign forum in the fire station [at Donaldson, Iowa], which will be a caucus site come Jan. 3, Clinton happened to be asked about her religious faith. Practicing Methodist, she responded, adding, ‘I’m often asked if I’m a praying person and I am a praying person. My father prayed at his bedside every night and we prayed at the table over dinner.’ Then, the most incredible thing happened. Someone pointed out that Clinton’s childhood Sunday school teacher, Rosalie Bentzinger, from her Park Ridge, Ill. days happened to be right there in the very same Iowa fire station at that same moment’ that Hillary Clinton was talking about prayer! ‘What are the odds? The Sunday school teacher stood up. Clinton rushed over to hug her. It was a warm moment. The 84-year-old Bentzinger gave Clinton a photograph she happened to have with her. And Clinton announced, ‘She has a picture of my confirmation class — March 27, 1959.’ … Clinton aides said they were unaware the Sunday school teacher was in the crowd.’ Come on! There are no coincidences. There are no coincidences. (interruption) Right, it was divine intervention. As if God’s got that much time…

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