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RUSH: This National Enquirer story, John Edwards’ lovechild, I’ve been having trouble with this. I’m not sure I buy this. But I think I understand why the story hit last night. From NBC: ‘In an Insider Advantage poll in Iowa, John Edwards leads among 977 likely voters, 30, 26, 24 over Clinton and Obama. He’s also the clear second choice winner, 42, 29, 28 over Clinton and Obama. It’s the first poll to show Edwards solely in the lead in Iowa since July.’ Bammo! National Enquirer story hits last night: Edwards has love child. Now, less than three weeks until an important election, and we have another liberal dirty trick. We’ve had Obama ‘selling drugs.’ We’ve had Obama going to madrasahs, and Muslim parents, or mother and grandparent. So now we got another liberal dirty trick: Edwards has begat a love child. Now, this obviously didn’t come from the Republicans. The Republicans have their own problems to worry about before messing around with a Democrat campaign. But I’ve been trying to think: who leaked, who planted, who dropped this story right before a neck-and-neck primary?

So let’s go through the list of possibilities. Could it be Obama? Well, we’re told he’s not that kind of guy, that he eschews the politics of old and these dirty tricks and opposition research, and he wants to run a new campaign, a higher level campaign, above all of this. He said he doesn’t run that kind of campaign. Bill Richardson? Would Richardson drop this kind of bomb? Don’t think so because he’s actually running for veep. He’s not running for president. Chris Dodd? Do you think Chris Dodd would do this? Chris Dodd wouldn’t hit double figures in the polls if two of the big three dropped out, and he knows it. Kucinich? This doesn’t strike me as something that Kucinich would do. How about Biden? Would Biden do this? Joe Biden? Maybe Biden’s campaign leaked it. Wouldn’t he like to move up in the cauci? He’s got more experience than the three of them, and this could be his last chance. The thing about Biden, though, he wouldn’t do this until somebody else did it first, because he copies. So I doubt that it’s Biden. If it’s not Obama, and if it isn’t Richardson, and it’s not Dodd, and it’s not Biden, and it’s not Kucinich, who could it be? Who would plant this kind of a story, this ugly story right before the election? It beats me. I cannot think of anyone.


RUSH: Seriously, thinking about this Edwards love child. Maybe he built that big house down there in North Carolina with the extra wing because of the extra family. Who knows? I don’t even know. Something about it, folks, doesn’t ring right to me. It’s just a gut feeling, an instinct. But the thing I don’t know, is who does it help? Where are Edwards voters going to go if they abandon Edwards? I haven’t seen any polling data on that. I’ve seen that Edwards is everybody’s favorite number two, and he’s now tied and in one poll, he’s ahead in Iowa. But if something happens to Edwards, like this, or he pulls out, I don’t know where his votes going to go. So I would guess — my instinct would be — that his votes would go more to Obama than Hillary, but that, too, is just a guess. I’m sure some polling people have the polling data on this. I haven’t seen it. Also, everybody thinks that this is a typical Clinton, Inc. type of event, and it is, but how does a story about infidelity help Hillary Clinton? If it’s going to disqualify Edwards — it’s going to give him problems because of a love child out there — why would the Clintons want to revive that, unless it’s sabotage from inside the campaign? There could be any number of things to explain this, and all we can really do is speculate on it.

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