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Rush’s Morning Update: Banned!
December 21, 2007

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At Detroit’s auto show next month, General Motors will unveil the next generation Corvette ZR1; this baby’ssupercharged — it’s high-performance.The warning flags are already out, though– not on the racetrack, but for those of you who purchase muscle cars like these.

“High-performance vehicles such as this may actually be legislated out of existence,” warns GM’s chief engineer, Tadge Juechter. He says the new energy bill’s fuel efficiency standards might make muscle cars “an endangered species.”

Also:in response to wacko liberals like Algore and Barbara Boxer, the federal government has banned the incandescent light bulb. As the ban rolls out, the first to go will be the 100-watt bulb, in 2012. The 75-watt bulb will follow suit the next year; the 40- and 60-watt bulbs the year after.

The bulbs the government’sforcing on you– those curly, ‘energy-efficient’ things filled with mercury– are expected to reduce energy bills. Now, those of you who prefer incandescent lighting, of course, have no choice. The decision has been made for you, by liberals in Washington who don’t care about your preferences– or your freedoms.

So let me predict something.The stockpiling will begin on incandescent bulbs. In years to come, there will be a burgeoning black market. Somebody’s going tomanufacture those little bulbs — smuggle them if they have to –to consumers who want them. Same thing goes for muscle cars… despite the egghead, wacko, pandering liberals in Washington. We will get what we want, however we have to get it.

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