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Rush’s Morning Update: One Year Later
January 3, 2008

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Last year at this time, the drive-by media and their Democrat party allies were in high spirits. They were preparing for the coronation of the first woman Speaker of the House, the San Francisco Treat, the Queen Bee: Nancy Pelosi. This was supposedly a defining moment of history; the glass ceiling had been broken! Washington would no longer be run by the “old boy network.”

The symbolism was lush. Speaker Pelosi’s grandchildren scampered around the House floor — and smiled in her arms, as her rule began. At multiple coronation events, endless rows of flowers bloomed. It was beautiful! Finally, women and children would have a voice in America — as Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s grandmotherly love radiated from sea to shining sea.

Speaker Pelosi vowed to shake up the Washington establishment in her first hundred hours. But, sadly, nothing significant happened. Then came the first 100 days…followed by the next 200 — when Pelosi’s sole accomplishment was raising the minimum wage a few pennies. The signature of her tenure has been the multiple, repeated, failed attempts by her party to force our military to surrender in Iraq — in a war we are winning!

With all the Presidential election hoopla…it’s easy to forget that Congress is up for grabs, too. So what’s the verdict, a year after Speaker Pelosi’s glorious coronation? Her dismal performance and that of her Senate cohort Dingy Harry Reid have earned this Democrat Congress the lowest approval ratings in American history. An achievement they have earned!

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