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RUSH: What is missing from the Hawkeye Cauci? There is something profoundly absent this year that we had in 2004. An American tradition is missing. The night before the cauci back in 2004, who galloped in with a major endorsement? It was Algore. Remember, Algore, it may have been the day before the cauci, but shortly before the cauci, Algore came in putting all of his weight behind a particular candidate, that candidate being Howard Dean. That happened just hours before Dean went el tanko. We don’t know who Algore is endorsing this year, and it’s important. After all, Algore is the man who reinvented government, invented the Internet, is perpetuating a global warming hoax. This is something that’s sadly missing here. I was hoping that Algore would come in and endorse, but the fact that he hasn’t if you read the certain and correct Democrat blogs, you’ll see that they think he hasn’t because he’s biding his time, he’s waiting to see what happens in the primaries before deciding to get in the race.

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