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Rush’s Morning Update: Don’t Doubt!
January 7, 2008

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On November 7th last year– with Mike Huckabee barely a blip in Iowa and Mrs. Clinton the candidate of inevitability– I asked my audience to ponder this question: “What happens if Huckabee wins Iowa, and if Hillary loses?” Weeks ago, I began asking: “What happens if Hillary comes in third?”

Well, thatexact scenario is now history and [with] the New Hampshire vote looming, let me remind you of a few other things I’ve said about this year’s race.

The November elections will not be a referendum on Iraq. The growing stability there– thanks to the troop surge that Democrats fought tooth and nail– slammed that door in their faces.

Identity politics won’t decide the election, either. Ultimately, the politics of personality will give way to the issues that matter. Although Iraq won’t be the “single issue,” national security concerns do matter.You want your next Administration to pretend 9/11 never happened, and to abandon the fight against Islamofascist terrorism,as happened during Clinton era? On the domestic front, do you want more of your earnings taken…and redistributed via Big Government entitlements like socialized medicine? Do you want our borders secured– or amnesty granted to illegal immigrants? Do you want liberals to dictate which lightbulbs you must use– which cars you must drive– all because of the global warming hoax?

In short,folks, this election will be about the vision for the future of America. And by now you should know this: Don’t doubt me.

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