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RUSH: I meant to mention this earlier.

When I went home for Christmas, I went home for a couple days to Missouri, and the staff here said, ‘Your Christmas present from us is in Missouri.’ I said, ‘Why is it in Missouri?’ ‘You’ll see when you get there.’ So I got to Missouri, and I’m waiting around to see what the Christmas present is, nothing on Christmas Eve, nothing on Christmas Eve night. Kids are opening their presents. I got up on Christmas Day, and my sister-in-law, Lisa, says, ‘By the way, I want to show you, the staff sent you something here for Christmas,’ she opened the refrigerator door, and it’s a Rush PAC from Allen Brothers. I said, ‘Why in the world are they… I have Allen Brothers at home, why are they sending it here?’ And I asked when I got back, ‘Because you say whenever you go anywhere you never get to get Allen Brothers except at home.’ So they sent me this terrific Rush PAC from Allen Brothers, and it was tremendous. It was a great present.

We mustered up some of the hot dogs and hamburgers for the kids and everybody for Christmas Day lunch before I got on the airplane and came back. By the way, speaking of Allen Brothers, they’ve got some new products, the heat-and-serve products. Folks, I took some people to the Kobe Club who have eaten some Allen Brothers stuff at my home, and the Kobe Club is great, I don’t mean to insult them, but they said, ‘Some of this Allen Brothers stuff is some of the best I’ve ever had.’ You cannot get it anywhere else. They have these new heat-and-serve things that they’ve added to their repertoire, beef stew, what is it, braised beef pot roast, Wagyu meatloaf. That’s the American version of Kobe. Beef short rib, shepherd pie, four different kinds of potpies. They’re really expanding because they’re successful advertisers here at the EIB Network. ABSteaks.com if you are interested.

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