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Rush’s Morning Update: Connect the Dots
January 10, 2008

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All right, folks, see if you can connect the dots.

An AP story ran yesterday about the “record” turnout in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary. Secretary of State William Gardner estimates half a million voters participated –over 100,000 more than in the last primary. Gardner also said a record number of people showed up at the polls to register to vote.

Now, the next dot to connect is from another AP story last November, when eyebrows were raised over the New Hampshire primary voting rules. Listen to this excerpt: “New Hampshire allows same-day registration at the polls, has no minimum residency period, and defines a voter’s home as the place where he or she sleeps most nights, or intends to return after a temporary absence. The state, not the parties, runs the primary, and changes to residency laws have been hotly contested. This year, New Hampshire Democrats pushed through a change that some Republicans contend would enable campaigns to bus in people who could cast a ballot and then vote again in their real home states,” unquote.

“You can vote in New Hampshire without being a resident,” said Republican state Sen. Bob Clegg. “You can vote in the primary because you someday may want to live here.” Democratic state Sen. Peter Burling calls any criticism of the rules “part of the campaign of fear to restrict people’s right to vote.”

Now, my friends, ifyou have successfully connected the dots, you’ve noticed that all “political comebacks” are not created equal –especially those with peculiarly timed tears!

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