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RUSH: Look, here’s a very succinct way to explain this. As always, I love to quote Shakespeare: ‘Brevity is the soul of wit.’ Here is the best way to explain what happened with Hillary and the vote on Tuesday in New Hampshire: Women voting for Hillary, was like the jury and the community supporting O.J. They were just showing up The Man. It was just, ‘Take this! We know she’s guilty. We know he’s guilty We know you’re right. But we don’t like the way we’ve been treated, and we don’t like the way you’re treating her.’ Pure and simple. The O.J. Syndrome. Wait ’til the Drive-Bys get hold of that. Now, that’s going to be fun.

RUSH: Tommy in Brooklyn, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, how you doing?

RUSH: Just good, sir, thank you.

CALLER: You’re welcome. Listen, I don’t expect it in the liberal media, but I’m very shocked that nobody in the conservative media is bringing up the fact that when — remember when Bill Clinton at Ron Brown’s funeral, how he was walking and laughing and he turned and the camera caught him?

RUSH: Oh, yeah. That was an NBC video we aired once, but we gave it life. (laughter) It’s on our website.


RUSH: Yes?

CALLER: Is there any way of bringing that back to TV somehow, to remind the people, you know, just letting everybody know where Hillary learned how to do this?

RUSH: You know, it’s all over YouTube now. We’ll post it at RushLimbaugh.com this afternoon. As far as getting it on television (sigh).

CALLER: Maybe you could talk to your buddy Hannity?

RUSH: I don’t know that he doesn’t have it. But he might. We’ve got a broadcast-quality copy of it in our archives. If you haven’t seen this… The point he’s making is that the Clintons know how to fake tears. Bill is really good at this. This was the most amazing piece of video. I remember when I first saw this, I must have played it five or six times on one TV show, and then the next night again and again — and every time, the audience just laughed and laughed. What it is, is Clinton walking down the street heading into the church where the Ron Brown memorial is to take place. He’s walking with a Pennsylvania religious leader named Tony Campolo, and they’re yukking it up and they are laughing. Backslapping and joke telling is going on, it looks like. There’s no audio here. All of a sudden, Clinton spots the camera, and in less than half a step — folks, this was uncanny. In less than one half of one step, Clinton starts faking tears! That face turns to a sad, morose, forlorn look like a basset hound. He bows his head, rubs his eyes, rubs away an imaginary tear. Meanwhile, Tony Campolo, who’s not in on it, keeps laughing and joking and looking at Clinton and yukking it up. You know, pictures are powerful. It was the perfect pictorial illustration of the pathology of Bill Clinton. It was just amazing.

I defy — and nobody could do this! Nobody. They could rehearse it, if they knew the event was going to happen, but to have this — and that camera was not that close. It was across the street. But guys like Clinton are always looking for the paparazzi cameras. They are! It’s part of doing business. You gotta know where the cameras are. When you see one, you put on a different face. Folks, let me tell you what happened to me. It was at this funeral on Tuesday, and I’m a pallbearer, and all of us pallbearers were walking out following the casket, which was on its carriage. We were going to put it in the back of the hearse. I walked out. I had my brother on my right, and we have to turn right around the corner to get to the back of the limousine, and I look up — I have no clue what my facial expression was — and a couple photographers are there snapping pictures. I said, ‘For crying out loud, I wonder what my facial expression was?’ I’m sure I wasn’t yukking it up like Tony Campolo was. But I probably had a somber look on my face. After that, I talked to Jeff Long, who is the pastor at the church, Centenary United Methodist Church, ‘ching, ching, ching,’ the pictures going. So I made sure that time to smile but I had reason to because we were having a fun conversation after the flowers had been brought out for the church and everything. But the last thing I was thinking about walking out of the church was, ‘Is there going to be a photographer there?’ But most people like Clinton, the first thing they’ll be thinking, ‘Where are the cameras? Where are the cameras?’ and spot ’em, or not knowing where the cameras are, ‘I’m going to fix my facial expression before I get to the door.’ I would hate to have to live that way, but people whose lives have been built on that kind of buzz, whose fame has been built on that kind of stuff rather than substance, it’s the stuff they have to do.

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