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RUSH: Dan in Crescent City, California, nice to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: Okay. You are wrong with the Clinton-Obama routine. Here’s the situation. Where’s Hillary from? Chicago. Where’s Obama from? Chicago. This is all Clintonesque. He’s designed as her Mt. Everest, if you’ll forgive the pun, to conquer — and after she wins the whole enchilada, she will magnanimously take him as her running mate. It will be the black, Obama, vice president; Hillary president. She’ll have the women’s vote. She’ll have the black vote —

RUSH: Ain’t going to happen.

CALLER: — and she will be unbeatable.

RUSH: It’s not going to happen.

CALLER: Yes, it will! I guarantee it!

RUSH: It’s not going to happen.

CALLER: It will happen!

RUSH: It’s not going to happen.

CALLER: It will happen!

RUSH: I’m just interjecting a human moment.

CALLER: It’s going to happen.

RUSH: Two reasons why it ain’t going to happen. Number one, I’ve explored the theory that Obama was placed there as the mountain for her to climb to show she can overcome an obstacle. We espoused that theory back in summertime. Bill Richardson has gotten out of the race, but he hasn’t gotten out of it. He’s going to stay in it, but he’s not going to campaign — and that is to shift his votes to Mrs. Clinton. Clinton called. Bill Clinton, Don Clintonleone called Bill Richardson a bunch of times last week and after those phone calls, Richardson has pulled out. He hadn’t pulled out, but he’s pulled out. He hasn’t announced it’s over, but he’s pulled out. He wants the veep badly. He’s Hispanic. Mrs. Clinton, the Democrat Party — as I’ve told you all week, the Democrat Party — is scared to death that the Republicans are going to come up with a way to beat either of these nominees because they think we’re racist or sexist. They’re not going to give the Republicans… This is the way they look at us. I’m not saying they’re right. This is how they look at us. They’re not going to give us two targets. They’re not going to allow us conservatives to beat them with both racism and sexism. That’s what they fear, folks. I’ve told you this all week. I know some of you still can’t get your arms around that, but, believe me: That’s one of the things they fear on the Democrat side. Plus, she’s not going to put somebody more popular, more charismatic, that’s going to make people wish that he was the president. It ain’t going to happen.

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