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RUSH: The Hillary tears continue to evoke commentary from women. There is a blistering piece at the American Thinker by Pamela Meister: ‘Female Voters Give Themselves a Bad Name.’ She touches on the whole subject. A lot of people, well, I can’t say a lot, but there are an interesting number of people talking about what’s happened to the country since women got the right to vote. No, no, no, no. Stick with me on this. Nobody is saying take it away from them, it’s not going to happen, nobody’s talking about that. The growth in the welfare system, the growth in the Nanny State, the growth in government in the soccer mom business, the growth of government taking the place of a worthless, no good husband or no husband whatsoever. This woman is speculating, what would have happened if women had never had the vote in this country, would we have the Nanny State, welfare state that we have today? So it’s a woman writing this. I’m just going to pass along the details. Also this. I’m getting a lot of e-mails of this type. ‘Dear Rush: I’m surprised at you for completely missing the point re: Mrs. Clinton’s tears. Somebody came up with information about other presidents, other male presidents crying, and here’s the important main difference: When other presidents cried or male presidential candidates cried, it was because of things happening to other people, such as 9/11, such as the death of soldiers, such as Katrina, such as the misery and agony of fellow citizens. When Mrs. Clinton cried, quote, unquote, it was because she was being picked on. It wasn’t just fair to ask her position on the issues, she was crying for herself. And that’s what’s unseemly about it, Rush. I can’t believe that you didn’t pick up on this.’

I got all these e-mails: ‘The Clintons always make it about themselves, I can’t believe that you missed this.’ Folks, I miss so little, and I’m wrong so infrequently, that when I miss something or they think I miss something or I’m wrong, it’s such a big deal. Most people are allowed to learn from their mistakes, keep plugging away, the advice goes, you learn from your mistakes. When I make a mistake, ‘Is that it for Limbaugh? He’s slipping.’ My friends, my reaction to this is, ‘Do I have to tell you everything? Can you not figure out one thing on your own?’ Just because I didn’t mention this doesn’t mean I didn’t know it.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, one more thing here. We’re in a period of time, a moment in histoire in this country where public figures (and admittedly, I am a public figure), particularly politicians (and I’m not one of those) are urged to show their human side. They’ve got to be human. I thought I had mastered that because, after all, I am human. But how can I appear human when I’m right all the time, when I hardly ever make any mistakes? I have to pretend, ladies and gentlemen, to be wrong. I have to pretend to make mistakes now and then or pretend to miss things so as to convey in that way that I’m human. Just keep that in mind the next time you think I’ve missed something that you have picked up on. It’s just my way of relating.

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