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Rush’s Morning Update: History!
January 15, 2008

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In 2001, African-American civil rights icon [and] three-term Atlanta mayor Maynard Jackson ran for head of the Democrat National Committee. But a Clinton henchman, Terry McAuliffe,wanted the gig. So Maynard Jackson was kicked to the curb and humiliated. Heartbroken, he died two years later.

In 2002, New York Comptroller Carl McCall– the first black to hold statewide office in New York– ran for governor. Not only did Clinton henchman Terry McAuliffe withhold DNC funds,he publicly derided McCall’s campaign andhumiliated him. My listeners felt so bad for McCall,we raised money for his campaign!

Now it’s 2008. Barack Obama –first African-American to win a Democrat primary –faces Clinton, Inc. First, Clinton campaign workers were caught spreading false rumors about his religion. Then her campaign urged the press to investigate whether Barack was a drug dealer in his youth. Next, Mrs. Clinton said Barack is too ambitious and hasn’t done enough, quote, “spadework.” She also said Martin Luther King’s efforts wouldn’t have amounted to much without the white guy, Lyndon Johnson. Mr. Clinton called Barack’s presidential aspirations a “fairytale.”

Well, here’s the latest: Hillary Clinton sent out a powerful black TV executive to remind people that a youthful Barack used drugs… while the Clintons were emotionally connected to black people. And now Mrs. Clinton has accused Barack of injecting race into the campaign, when they are the ones who did so!

So my question, brothers and sisters, andmy fellow Americans, is this: Are you catching this “history” in the making? Are you paying attention to this? Hmmm?

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