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RUSH: They’ve called a truce. Supposedly called a truce here on the Uncivil War between Barack Obama and the Clintons. Remember, it’s two against one, folks. Poor Obama, the black guy, being ganged up on by an ex-president and a sitting president, both with the same last name. Greetings, great to have you back, it’s Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network. Here we are, behind the Golden EIB Microphone, with three hours of broadcast excellence straight ahead. Some truce. The Drive-Bys are obsessed with this. This is so fabulous to see. This race war that has — and, by the way, it’s not just about race. It’s about drugs. They’re not letting that one die. Bill Clinton is out there doing his impersonation of Joseph McCarthy. He’s holding up a piece of paper, goes on a radio show (doing Clinton impression), ‘I got here a list, and I got a list here of 80 charges, 80 things that Obama’s been saying about my wife.’ Eighty things, he’s been keeping track out there. Folks, this is the dirty little secret that’s surfacing, and nobody likes it on the Democrat side of the aisle. They are obsessed with race; heir racism and their sexism has surfaced for one and all to see. It’s a matter of people like us pointing it out here and putting it all in its proper perspective which we will do on the program today.


Now, in addition to the truce, the so-called truce, which I don’t believe. I don’t think there is a truce. The Uncivil War between Obama and the Clintons is not the only dust-up that’s happening out there. AP: ‘The Nevada caucuses are becoming a proxy for the racially tinged fight for the Democratic presidential nomination, with Barack Obama’s campaign criticizing Hillary Rodham Clinton’s allies for a lawsuit that could prevent some minorities from participating. On Friday, six Democrats and a teachers union connected to Clinton filed a lawsuit claiming the rules enabling Las Vegas Strip waitresses, dishwashers and bellhops to caucus inside nine resorts violate state law and federal equal protection guarantees. Other caucus-goers lack the same access, the suit argues. The Clinton campaign has said it’s not involved in the lawsuit. The Obama campaign says it may not be a coincidence that Clinton’s allies are the plaintiffs.’ There are no coincidences with the Clintons.

Now, this is pretty funny, too, because this is an ugly mess out there. The Democrat Party in Nevada let the casino workers caucus at their work sites. In the Bellagio, for example, a 30,000-square-foot ballroom will be used, and all the employees will be able to vote and caucus in there rather than having to go back to their homes and this sort of thing. Now, the interesting thing about this, the Democrat machine thought that this was great when Hillary was thought to get union endorsements, but now that the teachers union is suing to get to have the caucus at their place of business of work, because these unions, most of them, endorsed Obama. So the Clintons are very, very upset about this, and they’re taking notes, ladies and gentlemen. Clinton, Inc. is striking back here while a supposed truce is going on in the Uncivil War.


RUSH: All right, we have a ‘ceasefire’ in the Uncivil War. This is shades of Hamas and Hezbollah! Now, remember, folks, remember what a ceasefire is. A ceasefire is not an end to the war. A ceasefire exists for one reason: It’s a chance for the losing side to rearm. The losing side calls a truce, calls a ceasefire, and everybody goes, ‘Awww, isn’t it wonderful? They want to stop fighting. They want to stop arguing. They want to get back to the issues.’ Meanwhile, in the war room at Clinton, Inc., they are simply rearming. As of this moment in time, the Clintons are on the losing side: Tuesday, January 15th, 2008. So the Clintons want a ceasefire? And all the Uncle Bills agree. You know what an Uncle Bill is? The folks who used to toss around the label ‘Uncle Tom.’ There’s a bunch of Uncle Bills: black guys siding with the Clintons, abandoning their own race. This is just beautiful to see, folks. Racial solidarity has long been one of the traditions of the Democrat Party. Now, all of a sudden, the fissures are wide open. The boils have been lanced. The pus is oozing out all over the Democrat Party. It’s not pretty. Black people are lining up alongside their various allegiances to Obama or to Clinton — and these Uncle Bills, these Uncle Toms, are selling out to Uncle Bill.

Make that Uncle Bill and Aunt Hillary, by the way, because they’re a tag-team. Even a casual observer, ladies and gentlemen, cannot help notice the ceasefire seems to be about race, but not about drugs. The Clinton, Inc., war room continues to get this drug story about Obama into the Drive-By Media — and notice nobody is asking Mrs. Clinton about this. I mean Bill Clinton said they didn’t inhale. Somebody needs to ask Hillary: ‘Did you inhale?’ The drug story is a one-sided angle. It’s all being aimed at Obama, and, of course, it’s not a mystery. He wrote about it in his book. It’s their own talking point, by the way, this drug business. Don’t forget, the very words that Bill Shaheen, the national cochair of Hillary’s campaign in New Hampshire, was told to say before he was told to resign: ‘You know the Republicans are going to bring this into the campaign. We had better face it now.’ It’s a standard Clinton, Inc., line. ‘You know Republicans are going to bring this up.’ So, as far as Clinton, Inc. were concerned and their minion Bill Shaheen, they were doing a public service for the Democrat Party.

No, no, no! They weren’t attacking Obama. They knew that the Republicans would do it, and so they wanted to get it over and done with before the general election. Now, that must indicate a fear that Obama might win. Of course Shaheen and the Clintons are not trying to help Obama win, so it was not what they tried to claim it was, a public service. They’re simply out there trying to destroy the guy. Once again, Democrat machine politics destroying an upstart black candidate. It’s not the first time, won’t be the last. What I hope happens here is that people on the Democrat side see what’s happening. For all of these years, the Democrat Party has promised the oppressed and discriminated against African-American population, ‘Stick with us, boys, and you’re going to end up in a seat of power. You’re going to have racial harmony. You’re going to have economic prosperity. We’re going to get you past those mean Republicans who keep sitting on you and stomping you down.

‘We’re going to make sure that you get what is yours. We’re going to make sure that you get fairness. We’re going to make sure that you get equality.’ Yet when one of these people is an upstart like Obama actually gets serious about it and says, ‘Okay, I’ll take you up on it,’ guess what happens? The Democrat machine literally tries to destroy the guy. You’ve got to see it! You’d think they would see it. But, look, there’s this thing called denial, ladies and gentlemen. We all have it. We deny our own shortcomings; we blame ’em on other people. These people on the Democrat side, the African-American population, have been so imbued with the glory and the greatness and the salvation and the promises of the Democrat Party machine that it’s hard for a couple of instances to wipe 50 years of a slate clean. But the longer this continues, the greater the odds that some people are going to notice this. I don’t know how you can’t.

Remember, now, what I told you. I want to keep hammering this. The Democrat machine, they’re in chaos over there. I know a lot of you people thought I was crazy when I said the Democrats are in chaos, particularly the Clintons after New Hampshire. ‘Why, Rush, they just won. They won big. What do you mean, chaos?’ This race war, this Uncivil War, truce or no truce, is just one small example of the chaos they face. See, they are the real racists; they are the real sexists, but they think that either one of them, Mrs. Clinton or Barack, can be beaten by us because we cheat, because we’re mean. We are the racists and sexists, they believe, and they think we have perfected destroying people on that basis while, in fact, Republicans aren’t even commenting on this. It’s all Democrats, all race, all the time, and if you look at the machine side of this, the Clinton side, they are literally trying to destroy the legitimate first black American with a chance to win the presidency.


RUSH: All right, how long is the ceasefire going to hold, ladies and gentlemen? For how long? ‘Til the next poll comes out. By the way, I love the name ‘Drive-Bys,’ but I’ve got a subname for them: ‘the Poll-It Bureau.’ All they are is a bunch of pollsters! Every bit of news they make now comes via poll. So we have the Drive-Bys and the Central Committee of the Poll-It Bureau. P-o-l-l it. Poll-It Bureau. Now, ‘The talk of drugs,’ before we get to the audio sound bites, ‘Barack Obama’s campaign has dismissed as not believable a prominent Hillary Clinton backer’s tortured explanation for seeming to inject Obama’s youthful drug use into the campaign, and called it troubling that Clinton has not done more to distance herself from the remark.’ Bill Clinton, Uncle Bill, ‘was drawn into the controversy on Monday in appearances on black radio talk shows. He told one host, Ronald Barton, that the impolitic remarks by supporters, ‘You know, Ronald, it’s something just happens out there, happened in politics. I think it’s best to not overreact to all this. These things happen.”

They just happen? Accusing your opponent of drug use and perhaps selling drugs? These things just happen? Have we forgotten what all happened here? Bill Shaheen resigned after saying, ‘The Republicans are not going to give up without a fight. One of the things they’re certainly going to jump on is Obama’s drug use.’ Then he alluded to the fact that he might be selling drugs. Then the Clinton pollster, Mark Penn, added kerosene to all this by saying, ‘cocaine use,’ when on Hardball, talking about the Shaheen incident. He said, ‘Well, I think we made clear that the issue related to cocaine is not something the campaign was in any way raising,’ thereby mentioning it again! ‘Clinton officials were pressed on Monday for explanations, why the drug issue keeps being blurted out,’ and, of course, Bill Clinton (Clinton Impression), ‘I mean, these things, they just happen. They just happen. It’s part of the campaign. It’s just a coincidence out there. The only guy that knows it’s not a coincidence is Limbaugh. Limbaugh understands that nothing that went on is coincidence. But I can fool all the rest of you people, especially you black talk show hosts. You’re so eager to have me, I have you eating out of my hand. I have you believing whatever I say, because you know that I was the first black president and this Obama guy is a fake, and he’s a pretender, and he’s a phony, and you’re going to help us destroy the guy.’ (sigh) Let’s go to the audio sound bites, Monday night the Drive-Bys in panic because they know that the Uncivil War could tear their party apart. So they decided that the truce had been called, and I’m sure their theory is if they say it enough, it will be true. Here is a montage.

SMITH: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton called for a truce.

CROWLEY: …call for a truce.

OLBERMANN: ..calls for truce.

SHARPTON: …the truce…

CHETRY: …calling a truce.

COLLINS: The two front-runners look for a truce.

GEIST: They called a truce in that war.

SCARBOROUGH: …call a truce…

KILMEADE: Calling a truce?

COOPER: Tonight, a call for a truce.

RUSH: It was all over the Drive-Bys. It’s amazing how this happens. It just never ceases to amaze me. Now, here’s the Obama statement that the Drive-Bys say means that there is a ‘truce.’ This was in Reno, Nevada, yesterday at the press conference. Here’s what Obama said.

OBAMA: I may disagree with Senator Clinton or Senator Edwards on how to get there, but we share the same goals. We’re all Democrats. We all believe in civil rights. We all believe in equal rights.

RUSH: No, Obama. You know you don’t believe that. You don’t have equal rights when the Clintons are gunning for you. You do not have civil rights. Obama, if those people in the Democrat machine were honest, they’d all be getting out of the way and saying, ‘It’s yours, pal! It’s your turn. It is time. We have been angling for black power throughout our struggle. We have been down for the struggle with you, and it’s time that we stood aside.’ No way, Obama! You have fairness, equal rights with these people? They’re out to destroy you, and they’re using race to do it, Obama, and they’re using drug use! Now, I know this is the politic thing to say, but I hope behind the scenes at Obama headquarters, they understand what’s going on here, and I hope a lot of the black population of this country understands what’s going on here. It’s plain as day for everybody to see. It is not conservatives. It’s not Republicans trying to take Barack Obama out. It is the Clinton Democrat machine, and it is not the first time, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve chronicled all the examples of black candidates who have been destroyed or denied by the Clinton machine. The Clinton Hate Squad! That’s what this is. Uncle Bill, Aunt Hillary, and the Clinton Hate Squad. This is pure hate. What else would you call this? Here’s what Hillary had to say at an event celebrating Martin Luther King’s birthday. This was yesterday in New York City.

HILLARY: We may differ on minor matters, but when it comes to what is really important, we are family.

RUSH: She got booed at this appearance. Nobody’s buying this ‘family’ stuff. You’re not treating Obama like a brother, in either way you define the term. You’re not treating Obama as a member of your family at all. You’re treating him like an insect. (interruption) I don’t know what happened to the black accent at the Martin Luther King event. You mean the, ‘I ain’t no ways tired,’ that black accent? I don’t think she had time to use it. She got booed there. ‘Dogged by continuing racial tensions around her campaign, Hillary drew a smarting of boos on Monday when she spoke at a religiously tinged Martin Luther King, Jr., rally put together by a union organizing predominantly black security workers. The catcalls came when Clinton was introduced. Her speech drew only tepid applause compared to the boisterous ovations drawn by many of the pastors and the reverends, not to mention a hip-hop artist and a slam poet.’ What’s a slam poet? Tell me, what’s a slam poet? (interruption) Just a poet? Yeah, but… (interruption)

Okay, why do they call it a slam poet? What, does the poet slam something? Is it angry? An angry poet? (interruption) Okay, all right, angry poet. All right, fine. All these people took the podium before her. She was late being added to this event. By the way, Obama…. Now, this union endorsed her last year, Hillary Clinton, but leader Fishman ‘didn’t mention her in an impassioned speech about the union’s efforts to organize security workers. Obama got praise and applause at the same event.’ He wasn’t there, but when his name was mentioned, ‘he was roundly applauded.’ More audio sound bites on the so-called truce. Here is James Clyburn. He is this head honcho of the Congressional Black Caucus is, a central figure in the Democrat primary in South Carolina. He claims that he negotiated a truce. He was on Charlie Rose last night on PBS, and Rose said, ‘What did Senator Clinton say to you or President Clinton about their case and how they feel about what has transpired in the last week while you were away?’

CLYBURN: I’ve spoken to both of them. I think they both are very remorseful about this. I’ve spoken with Senator Obama.

ROSE: What did he say?

CLYBURN: Senator Obama would love for this to get behind us. This gentleman has a résumé that all of us worked hard back in the sixties to bring about. We were working, so that the Obamas, who, by the way, is the same age, just a few months ago different between him and my daughter, Mignon.

ROSE: My friend. (chuckles)

CLYBURN: Your friend, absolutely. To make sure that Mignon and Barack would not have to go through the things we went through, and so I’m very proud of both of them. So we ought not really have this campaign being bogged down with race or gender.

RUSH: He named his daughter after a steak. You heard right. The daughter’s name is Mignon. But that’s beside the point, ladies and gentlemen. This was an amazing sound bite. He says he spoke to both of them, that Clinton and Obama are both very remorseful about this. I don’t believe the Clinton’s are remorseful. If there’s any remorse in the Clinton camp over this, it is over the fear of what this might cause. There is not remorse over the fact that it’s happening because it’s part of the strategery. It’s part of the attack from Clinton, Inc. There’s no remorse about this. But look at what he said, something I just mentioned to you. ‘Obama has a résumé that all of us worked hard back in the sixties to bring about. We were working so that the Obamas could accomplish these kind of things, to make sure that Barack would not have to go through the things that we went through,’ and yet he’s going through them! Barack Obama is going through the same things that civil rights leaders say they went through 50 years ago, and who’s putting Obama through those things?

The Clintons! The Democrat Party machine. This is what I have always said, ladies and gentlemen, about having to be beholden to the civil rights movement. We worked hard to give Obama his résumé? He owes them? Obama owes the civil rights movement, not himself, for his success? Right. This is why I said Clarence Thomas posed the biggest threat to the civil rights coalition because he got there without them. It’s the same thing with Dr. Thomas Sowell, same thing with Walter Williams, any conservative, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell. They all got there without these prescriptions and these shepherds and these fathers of the civil rights movement. So Obama hasn’t done anything on his own. He has benefited from the hard work, and the beatings, and the riots, and the hoses, and so forth, of all of the civil rights leaders that came before him. So when you are a lib Democrat and you’re black, your achievements are not your own — unless they are your own, in which case they denounce you and try to destroy you. So it’s not as vitriolic as Clarence Thomas faced, but believe me, it’s every bit as vicious.

They may not be accusing him of the things they accused Clarence Thomas of, but they are still attacking him because he’s an uppity black who did not go through the civil rights movement. Clyburn can claim they did all they want for Obama, but they have nothing to do with Obama’s success. So this is brilliant. This is just great, folks, for one and all to see which party, which ideology is obsessed totally with race and sex and sexual orientation — and all these other identifiers that end up putting people in groups and deny them individuality. You just heard it! You just heard Clyburn deny Obama’s individuality, his own self. He could not have gotten where he is, were it not for the civil rights movement. Now, I understand what Clyburn is trying to say. Clyburn is trying to get a little dig at the Clintons but you have to read this both ways — and he’s right when he says, ‘Look, we’ve been working hard for this to happen, for the Democrats to allow blacks equal opportunity,’ and so forth, and we don’t like it being denied to them. Just don’t forget: It’s Mr. Clyburn, who’s doing the denying. Don’t forget who’s doing the attacking. Don’t forget who’s trying to destroy Obama. It ain’t us. It’s the Clinton machine.


RUSH: I just did some research on these slam poets out there, Mr. Snerdley. They’re far more than angry. They’re idiots. They’re nut jobs. They’re wackos. Anyway, look, the so-called truce in the Uncivil War, the Drive-Bys have called one, hopefully people will believe there is one, but the foot soldiers are still out there fighting the war. Clinton-American Charlie Rangel, also known as an Uncle Bill, my new term for Uncle Tom. Do you know what an Uncle Tom is? Betraying the race for the favor of the white master. Well, Charlie Rangel, foot soldier in the Uncivil War, a Clinton-American and an Uncle Bill, has just called African-American Barack Obama stupid. Last night on NY1’s Inside City Hall, the host, Dominic Carter, spoke with Rangel about this recent battle over race between Hillary Clinton and Obama. Carter said, ‘Barack Obama said Hillary Clinton’s words baffled him. What about that, Congressman Rangel?’

RANGEL: How race got into this thing is because Obama said race. But it’s nothing that Hillary Clinton has said that baffles me. I would challenge anybody to belittle the contribution that Dr. King has made to the world, to our country, to civil rights, and to the Voting Rights Act. But for him to suggest that Dr. King could have signed that act is absolutely stupid. It’s absolutely dumb to infer that Dr. King, alone, passed the legislation and signed it into law. So what’s the discrepancy? What did Senator Obama mean by injecting race? I don’t see it.

RUSH: Whoa! So Clinton foot soldier and Uncle Bill, Charlie Rangel, calls Obama stupid and then asks what he means by injecting race into this. He didn’t! Obama’s been trying to take the high road for so long now that he owns it. Obama is sitting here getting hit from all sides, and he’s trying to take the high road in reacting to this stuff. So now we got black-on-black crime in the Democrat presidential primaries, and the black-on-black criminals are inspired by the Clinton machine, Uncle Bills, the foot soldiers in the Uncivil War, while the truce goes on, they’re still out fighting the battles. Now, pretruce, before the so-called truce, Obama used a word that he learned from the Reverend Jackson to describe the Clinton camp. Last night, NBC’s Nightly News.

OBAMA: I think that there’s some intentionality on the part of the Clinton campaign to knock us off message.

RUSH: Some ‘intentionality,’ that word coined and now in the street dictionary, thanks to the Reverend Jackson. But the point is that Obama, what he’s saying is, ‘Of course they’re putting race stuff in this, of course they’re attacking me. They’re trying to get me off message. But I’m not going to go off message.’ This debate, by the way, continued on the NewsHour last night on PBS, John Lewis and Reverend Lowery, Joseph Lowery of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. This campaign is ripping the Democrat Party coalition to shreds here. You’ve got blacks siding against blacks. Meanwhile, you have a black candidate — I always thought — look, of all groups, political groups in this country, we are told, and the Democrat Party reacts and plans on the basis that the black vote in this country is monolithic, that black thought in this country is monolithic, that it’s just a few renegades who vote for Republicans. Hell, 92% of black vote usually goes for Democrats in presidential election years. So they’ve succeeded in portraying the renegades as a bunch of kooks, as a bunch of Uncle Toms, so forth and so on. But now the exact opposite is on display. Now we have apparently a price to be paid by Obama for not being part of the monolithic group of people and using monolithic thought, because the Clintons probably think that in a fair and just world he’d get out of the way for them.


RUSH: On this Uncivil War and the so-called truce, I have one comment I would like to add to the contretemps that is happening in Nevada. You know, the unions that have endorsed Obama have been permitted to caucus where they work in ballrooms at nine different casinos and resorts, and Mrs. Clinton is suing! The Clinton campaign, Clinton supporters are suing to cancel this because it’s not fair to other caucus-goers. Now, who are these people? Who are these people the Clinton camp is attempting to disenfranchise? These are union workers. These are the ‘little people’ in the casinos. These are the dishwashers. These are single mothers, ladies and gentlemen. The Clinton camp is attempting to disenfranchise single mothers, poor women. They have to leave their babies at home or in daycare. They are Hispanic in many cases. They are black. They are struggling against life’s odds. Look at who they are surrounded by? They are surrounded by immense wealth, opulent casinos, services that these union members know they will never be able to use because they will never be able to afford them.

Who are these people? The little people! They are the servants and the slaves of the people who can afford to go to Las Vegas. All they want to do is caucus, and Mrs. Clinton’s camp, her supporters, are attempting to disenfranchise these little people. It’s not just the race war that’s happening here, the Uncivil War. The Clintons are loaded for bear to take out anybody. It doesn’t matter how big, how small, how rich, how poor, what color. This is Clinton, Inc., and the Clinton machine and the War Against the Poor! They’re running a hate campaign against Obama — a hate campaign composed of charges of racism and drug selling and use, and now they’re running a campaign against the poor, the War Against the Poor in Las Vegas. Many of these workers, as I say, are single women who have to leave their babies who knows with who? And Hillary does not tip these people. We all know this from Iowa and the diner. Not only does she not tip them, she wants now to rob them of their right to vote in the Nevada caucus — and these are the people who claim to stand up for the little guy and to protect the little guy against people like the Clintons!

But the Clintons, you see, have a special license. They can do whatever they want to whoever they want in order to get their power. It’s on display for one and all to see. All right, here’s The Politico. I just want to go briefly through these headlines and the central points raised in these stories. ‘The race card has been dealt. It’s hard not to look back to 1988, where the Reverend Jackson won the Michigan caucuses. TIME Magazine put him on the cover with a single word: ‘Jackson?’ And Dan Rather said Jackson would become the front-runner for the Democrat nomination. He never won another major contest. The possibility of Jackson actually becoming the Democrat nominee was more than enough to scare voters into the arms of his opponent.’ This story makes the case that Hillary knows that some people won’t vote for Obama because he’s black, shades of the Reverend Jackson in 1988. Here’s how The Politico describes it. ‘Although she doesn’t say it, her campaign knows that just as there are some people that will vote for Obama because he is black, there are some people who will never vote for him for the same reason,’ and that gives the Clintons cover, because once again, they’re just trying to save the party.

Then the Washington Post, an editorial: ‘Race in the Race: Stop the Distortions and the Innuendo.’ Their basic point of this editorial is comical. ‘Race is an important subject for debate, but this is unproductive.’ Why? Why is this unproductive? Because it exposes Democrats! That’s why the Washington Post finds this ‘unproductive.’ It is exposing Democrats. Eugene Robinson, an African-American columnist for the Washington Post. ‘A Hand the Clintons Aren’t Showing,’ is the title of his piece. His point is that they are playing the race card to tar Obama as the one who played it, in a move to get the moderates to leave Obama. His point is that this is strategic, the reason that the Clintons are accusing and charging Obama with injecting race into this, because they think it will turn moderates off. ‘Or the strategy could be more subtle. I can’t help but recall a certain piece in history.’ He looks at Clinton history. He is almost at the point that nothing is coincidence with them.

‘Is it possible that accusing Obama and his campaign of playing the race card might create doubt in the minds of the moderate independent white voters who now seem so enamored of the young black senator? Might that be the idea? Yes, that’s a cynical view,’ concludes Mr. Robinson, ‘but history is history.’ And then Lois Romano in the Washington Post: ‘The Racial Row That’s Dividing the Democrats.’ She makes the point it isn’t just theater. ‘Some civil rights leaders aren’t believing that this Clinton push on race was not orchestrated.’ Some civil rights leaders, in other words, think that it was orchestrated, and they’re right. We got two sound bites here before we go to the break and get to your phone calls. This is PBS. It’s The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. He spoke with John Lewis, Democrat from Georgia; and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference cofounder the reverend Joseph Lowery about the Uncivil War. Judy Woodruff says, ‘Representative Lewis, how did you interpret this? You just heard Reverend Lowery say he can see how some people felt that diminished Dr. King’s role.’

LEWIS: I was there with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on March 15th, 1965 when we watched Lyndon Johnson deliver his speech in response to what would happen in Selma, when he said, ‘and we shall overcome.’ I looked at Dr. King. He looked at me, and tears came down his eyes, and he said, ‘We would get the civil rights bill, the voting rights bill passed, we were marching Selma to Montgomery.’ I think there has been a deliberate, systematic attempt on the part of some people in the Obama camp, to really fan the flame of race and really try to distort what Senator Clinton said. I understand, and I think most right thinking people understood what she said. Martin Luther King, Jr., created the climate, created the environment, but it took a Lyndon Johnson to get the legislation through the Congress.

RUSH: Yeah, and a bunch of Republicans to get it through. Here again, another Uncle Bill: John Lewis. I’ve been perfecting my John Lewis impersonation, by the way, when he’s orating on the floor of the House of Representatives. He was very mild there. But once again, an Uncle Bill. That’s my new term for an Uncle Tom: selling out the race for loyalty to the white master, in this case Bill Clinton. So here we have another foot soldier, John Lewis, who marched with Dr. King, now throwing Obama overboard to side up with the Clintons. Joseph Lowery was asked about these comments that Lewis made, that there’s a systematic attempt on the part of the Obama campaign to make something more out of this.

LOWERY: That’s absolutely false. I never heard the Obama people respond until the media had done it, a columnist in the New York Times and others on radio and television and in the print media, all raised the issue was this below the belt. I — I certainly don’t need to defend Martin Luther King. I don’t think John needs to defend the Clintons.

RUSH: Yes. And Lowery inspired this response from Lewis.

LEWIS: She only referred to the issue of Dr. King when Obama, Mr. Obama, raised the question of leadership in a speech. Mrs. Clinton was saying we need more than rhetoric. We need more than speeches. Dr. King gave some great speeches. He took to the street, and there was action, but it needed a president. That did come out of the language that Mr. Obama was using, but the Obama camp is also doing something else. They’re sending out memos to members of the media trying to suggest that the Clintons are playing the race card.

RUSH: Yeah, well, they are, John. Congressman Lewis. It’s plain as day for everybody to see, but isn’t it interesting how the loyalties here are shaking out? (interruption) I think they do, Mr. Snerdley. I think Lewis… They think that the Obama camp should just roll over and just play dead, when the Clintons come marching into town. (singing) They do. Obama, who is this upstart? He’s not supposed to be winning. He’s not even supposed to be close. Hey, they are not going to give him his dignity or give him his respect. They’re sliming him. They’re accusing him of racism! They’re accusing a black guy of racism, and Jesse Jackson once told us that blacks are incapable of racism because they don’t have the power to implement any of the racist views that they might have. One more from Lowery, a final portion of the exchange between himself and Representative Lewis.

LOWERY: You said the Obama campaign raised the issue. I’m telling you they did not. It was media people and other people who have been relatively impartial who raised the issue.

LEWIS: You have tried to — You have tried —

LOWERY: I simply said I can understand how they could read that in those statements: fairytale, false hope —

LEWIS: Fairytale had — had nothing… President Clinton —

LOWERY: — being juxtapositioned against Johnson. That’s not a positive approach. Let’s stay positive. Let’s stay on the issues and serve America.

LEWIS: President Clinton referenced the fairytale, had nothing — not one word — to do with the issue of race. It was all about the Iraq war.

LOWERY: Listen, John. I don’t know anybody more articulate than Bill Clinton, and nobody who can choose words wisely. So I know how Bill chooses words, and I think he’s able to do it, and I don’t want to defend him.

RUSH: There you have it. So this battle continues here with Lewis being accused here of, essentially, being a sellout by the Right Reverend Joseph Lowery. Bob Johnson, by the way, he brought up the drug issue again, and the Clintons are out there saying, Bill Clinton is saying (Clinton impression), ‘Look, that was not organized. We had no idea what he was going to say when he got out there. We weren’t even there! How can we know what he was going to say?’ Nobody buys that. Nobody goes to a Clinton rally and speaks off the cuff. This is all part… (interruption) Yeah, he had the Sidney Poitier reference, a distinguished American actor and they try to besmirch him by comparing Obama to him!


RUSH: The dirty little secret is this: John Lewis and Charlie Rangel would not be talking like they are if Hillary Clinton was a Republican. And that’s what everybody needs to know. They would be all over her for what she’s doing if she was a Republican. The liberals who are obsessed with race, are doing more to set back race relations than anything I can think of. Sharpton gave Clinton a pass, and has anybody heard from the Reverend Jackson? We’ve not. This Stack of Stuff on the Uncivil War doesn’t stop. The Washington Post had ten stories on this today, and in this story, ‘As Candidates Agree, Aides Keep Sparring,’ James Carville says he is shaken by the whole thing. He says, ‘This race debate in our party, why, this is totally unfamiliar.’ Unfamiliar, Mr. Carville, or just unsaid and behind closed doors?

Does anybody believe this is the first time people in the Democrat Party are talking this way? No. This is just the first time it has surfaced and emerged from behind closed doors. And then this. New York Times: ‘In Obama’s Pursuit of Latinos, Race Plays a Role.’ It’s all about Obama bridging the black-Latino divide. This race obsession is exhausting. Aren’t you libs tired of this? I told you they were in chaos. The Reverend Jackson is quiet, he supports Obama. The Reverend Jackson’s wife is a Hillary supporter. He’s gotta have someplace to sleep and the credit card may be maxed out. At least he needs someplace to sleep in Chicago. So the Reverend Jackson has to shut up. He’s for Obama, his wife is for Hillary; he has been neutered. Here’s Bill Clinton on the radio in Chicago yesterday, answering the question, the BET guy, ‘Those comments about Obama and drug use, was that stuff planned?’

CLINTON: No. First of all, I don’t think that — Bob Johnson said what he said yesterday. Nobody knew what he was going to say. And it wasn’t part of any planned strategy. And certainly nobody had any advance notice of anything Attorney General Cuomo said.

MARTIN: But Bob defended his comment.


MARTIN: He has tried to defend it. He has tried to say when we asked, he’s trying to defend it by, ‘It’s not what I mean,’ but anybody listening knows what he was talking about. He wasn’t talking about community organizing. That was kind of clear.

CLINTON: Well, that’s something between Bob Johnson and Barack Obama.

RUSH: (doing Clinton impression) ‘Because I had nothing to do with it out there, Roland, you know, I was just minding my own business, nobody said anything out there. We don’t organize those kinds of things. By the way, you didn’t ask about Andrew Cuomo, but that shuck and jive comment that he made, I had nothing to do with that, either. We didn’t know anything about that. I’m offended you would suggest such a thing, Roland. I’m not going to come on your radio show ever again.’ And then Clinton added this.

CLINTON: I’ll tell you, I’ve got a list of 80 attacks on her going back six months. When his campaign referred to her as the senator from Punjab, on the very same day, they put out a three-page printed release attacking me.

RUSH: McCarthyesque, Bill Clinton holding up a sheet of paper. (doing Clinton impression) ‘I have a list of 80, 80 attacks on her going back six months. He came after me, too.’ It’s two against one, Mr. President. Poor Obama is out there trying to take the high road, and you and your wife are dumping all over the guy.

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