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RUSH: We have David on the phone from Columbia, South Carolina. Great that you waited, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. How you doing?

RUSH: Just fine, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: Hey, I had a question. I’m a black Republican. I’m not too conservative, but fairly conservative. My wife, very liberal, and she is a big Obama supporter, and we get into this big conversation all the time, and I wanted to get your opinion on something. I wanted to ask you if you think that the media’s infatuation with Obama is similar to their infatuation with the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, because she and I got into a conversation about it. I think so, because so much of what he talks about are these great, big, broad strokes, nothing really specific. And I’m like, ‘Hey, look, anybody can get up here and look good. You have a guy who’s articulate, he’s photogenic.’ But I’m like, ‘What does he stand for on some serious issues?’ And she looks at me crossways, you know. And I’m like, ‘Well, you don’t know, I mean, so why is he the media darling?’

RUSH: Well, it would be a tough analogy here to the McNabb situation. Let me try this nevertheless. You’ve just reminded me of something here, David, before I answer your question, yesterday on this program, ladies and gentlemen, we did a little test. We played ‘Barack the ‘Magic Negro” to see if the Drive-Bys would pick up on it that I was acting as an insurgent and refusing to allow the truce to go on in the Uncivil War. I guess nobody’s commented about that, but Media Matters for America, the Clinton front group, sent out a piece claiming that I used the word spade in my monologue on Monday. (laughter) Knowing full well that Hillary, of course, had talked about Obama hadn’t done the spadework necessary on foreign policy. It was delicious.

Now, here’s what David’s question is. David’s question, I came along, as you know, and I said, ‘I don’t think McNabb is playing as well as everybody thinks he is. I think the defense should get a lot of credit for the Eagles. I just think there’s a lot of social concern in the NFL. I think the Drive-Bys in the media are concerned very much that a black quarterback do well in the NFL.’ That caused a three-year firestorm. In fact, in certain places, it’s still referenced. So his question is, ‘Are the Drive-Bys propping up Obama for the same reason?’ He’s the first black candidate with a legitimate chance, we’ve just been so discriminatory in our past and so forth, we’ve gotta elevate this guy, whether he deserves it or not. I’ll tell you who really made that point, David, was a black columnist in the LA Times named David Ehrenstein when he started referring to Obama as the ‘Magic Negro.’ The Magic Negro, as he meant it, was a vessel for white guilt. A bunch of white people were saying they were supporting Obama, which Ehrenstein didn’t like. Ehrenstein is a Clinton guy, and he didn’t like all these white people out supporting Obama when they had no idea what he stood for, the point that you just made. There were puff pieces early on. But now that the race war, the Uncivil War, has broken out, despite the so-called truce, the Drive-Bys were not monolithic in this. In some cases, the Drive-Bys supported Obama. In other cases, they supported the Clinton side of this. But, David, here’s the point. This is what you need to tell your wife. Now, you said your wife is an Obama person?

CALLER: Oh, yeah. Yeah. She’s a big-time Obama fan.

RUSH: Okay, here’s what you need to do. Try this as an experiment. Is she a big liberal Democrat, or does she just like Obama for other reasons?

CALLER: Yeah, she’s a liberal Democrat, but one thing she agrees with you wholeheartedly on is she’s an immigrant from Barbados. They immigrated to New York about 30-some years ago, and she and her family had to wait a good year-and-a-half for the paperwork and all the processing. So, as far as illegal immigration, she’s right with you on that issue. But, yeah, for the most part she’s —

RUSH: Well, then there’s hope for you.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: But here’s the thing to tell her. Now, she’s from Barbados. Before I give you the little test to run, I need to ask you one more question. She’s from Barbados. Is she old enough and learned enough to be familiar with the civil rights struggle in this country?

CALLER: Oh, absolutely.

RUSH: Okay. Well, how long has she been in the country?

CALLER: She’s been here for 40 years.

RUSH: Then here’s what you tell her. What’s her first name?

CALLER: Bawana.

RUSH: All right, Bawana, you’ve been watching American politics, and you’ve been watching the Democrat Party, and you’re obviously a liberal Democrat for all these years, and here, your guy, Obama, Barack Obama, the first black man with a legitimate chance to be the president of the United States, and who’s trying to destroy him? The Democrat Party, the Clinton machine is trying to stomp on this guy. He’s getting too uppity; he doesn’t know his place; he’s taking this too seriously. The Clintons didn’t mind him getting in the race, but they don’t like the fact that he’s outraising her, and they don’t like the fact that he’s got more love than she does. Now, if the Democrats, all of these years of the civil rights struggle, David, had meant what they said, that blacks have been sat on, and they have been discriminated against, and they have been mistreated, and they’ve been denied equality and opportunity, usually blaming Republicans for this, the Clintons, if they really bought it, if all of liberalism bought what they really tell us, then there would be a mass movement on the part of John Edwards and Hillary Clinton to get out of this race and let Obama have it simply because this is what they claim they have stood for all these years.

And instead, what’s happening is that the very people who lead the party on all this civil rights stuff are stomping on him and doing their best to deny him, and they’re lying about him, and they’re accusing him of race, and they’re putting rumors out, about he was not only using drugs, but maybe even selling drugs. Then they’ve got another Clinton crony out there, Bob Kerrey, who went out there, David, and, ‘Look at his middle name, Barack Hussein Obama. He’s been to madrasahs; his father was a Muslim.’ They’ve done everything they could to destroy the guy’s reputation and character, Clinton, Inc. Now, that’s what you need to ask your wife, why does she want to be a member of a party like that? If she loves Obama, she’s gotta understand who it is that’s trying to destroy this poor guy. It’s not us — yet. We’ll have our chance if he becomes the nominee. But we’ll do it on issues.

CALLER: That’s true.

RUSH: The Clintons are not doing it on issues. The Clintons are trying to destroy this man personally.

CALLER: You’re absolutely right, Rush. I will say this, there is one good thing that is coming from Obama’s campaign, and that is, he’s doing it without the help of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, and it is driving them nuts.

RUSH: That’s right. Let me tell you something.

CALLER: I’m loving every minute of it.

RUSH: I’ll tell you something, David, you’re right, you’re on to something there. If Obama wins, if he happens to win, it would be the worst thing in the world for the Democrat Party, worst thing in the world for the Reverend Jackson and Al Sharpton, because how can a racist country elect a black president? The race business will go down sky high. It would be over with. There’s a lot riding on this guy losing in the Democrat Party. Tell her that.

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