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RUSH: Well, there was a Democrat debate last night. It was out in Las Vegas. It was on PMSNBC, and it was bad. It was rotten. Mrs. Clinton was back to looking like Nurse Ratched. All of these people looked as bored as they can be. It was a 90-minute debate. It felt like 90 years, and it was amazing to watch. These Democrats sat there and explained in great detail — either with their stimulus package or what they’re going to do to save the subprime market — how they were going to ruin the United States economy, and they were doing it with glee. Now, that’s not what they were saying, of course; but that’s if you know how to read the stitches on a fastball as do I, then that’s exactly what they were saying. Bad news for Mrs. Clinton in Michigan last night. She was the only one on the ballot. Well, I think Kucinich was on the ballot and Gravel was on the ballot, but those votes don’t count in Michigan because there were no delegates awarded. The state has been disqualified by the Democrat National Committee for violating the committee’s desire on the date of the primary.

But still, the Democrats can vote, and Mrs. Clinton, she didn’t do that well. Do you realize 70% of the black vote in Michigan voted ‘uncommitted,’ voted against her? In fact, you might say that Mrs. Clinton… In fact, Megyn Kelly, who last night on Fox was describing these exit polls before they had called the Republican side for Romney, said, ‘Oh, yeah, Mrs. Clinton was running against Mr. Uncommitted,’ and I was thinking, ‘That makes perfect sense. Single women are one of the targets of Mrs. Clinton — the poorer the better, the stupider the better — and single women, they are very familiar with that guy: Mr. Uncommitted.’ (laughter) I am that guy. (laughter) Well, I have been. One other observation. I got an e-mail note from somebody. This is actually a great point. They did, by the way, maintain the truce last night in the Uncivil War at the Democrat debate. But, remember, one of the things this is all about is Obama trying to capture the magic and the image of Martin Luther King, Jr., and Mrs. Clinton saying, (paraphrased) ‘Screw that, Martin Luther King, Jr., wouldn’t have got anything done if it weren’t for a president: Lyndon Johnson. You can have all the great civil rights leaders in the world that you want, but without a president that can get things done, it wouldn’t have mattered.’

Of course, that offended everybody on the black side, because how dare you put down Martin Luther King?

‘I’m not putting down Martin Luther King. I’m saying what he did was great, but it wouldn’t have happened without LBJ.’ So the question is this: How come next Monday, the nation’s going to, for the most part, shut down for Martin Luther King Day? How come LBJ Day is not a national holiday? How come that all…? You go up to Harlem: Martin Luther King Boulevard. I hadn’t found Lyndon Baines Johnson Boulevard anywhere up in Texas. Do we need an LBJ day now, Mrs. Clinton? By the way, Mrs. Clinton, you are no LBJ, and I got no brief for LBJ, but the only reason the Civil Rights Act passed was because LBJ was able to get some Republicans. A greater percentage of Republicans in the Senate voted for the Civil Rights Act than did Democrats, and Hillary Clinton’s not going to get Republicans to join much of what she wants to do.


RUSH: Let’s go to the audio sound bites, and let’s listen to some of this syrup. As you know, the Uncivil War’s truce held in Las Vegas last night. They’re all singing Kumbaya. We have a montage of Senator Clinton, Senator Obama, and John Edwards all just getting along. Listen to this.

HILLARY: We’re all family.

OBAMA: Hillary said it well. John and Hillary have always been committed to racial equality.

OBAMA: Senator Clinton ran a good campaign.

EDWARDS: I’m proud of the fact that we have a woman and an African-American.

HILLARY: I respect what Barack said.

EDWARDS: The things Senator Clinton just spoke about are correct.

OBAMA: Hillary is exactly right.

OBAMA: We got unity in the Democratic Party.

HILLARY: I think that what Barack said is what John and I also meant.

HILLARY: That Senator Obama and I agree completely.

HILLARY: I agree with John.

EDWARDS: I agree with her and Senator Obama.

HILLARY: We’re all on the same page. We’re all going to make progress together.

EDWARDS: I think that’s fair.

RUSH: I am glad I use Equal. I’ll tell you, I checked my blood sugar when this thing was over last night to make sure I hadn’t had a diabetic attack. Let’s move on. Brian Williams said to Senator Clinton, ‘We needn’t go back over all that’s happened except to say that this discussion, before it was over, involved Dr. King, President Johnson, even Sidney Poitier, several members of Congress, and a prominent African-American businessman supporting Senator Clinton, who made what seemed to be a reference to a part of Senator Obama’s teenage past that the Senator himself was written about in his autobiography. The question to begin with here tonight, Senator Clinton, is how did we…?’ Now, how about that question? You know, I love Brian Williams, but he starts out by saying, ‘We needn’t go back over all that’s happened,’ and then he goes back over all that’s happened without describing any of it! So there was an effort for people who were watching who may not know what had gone on, or what has gone on, to not know the details of it, but the question basically is: How did this race stuff come up? This is what Republicans are supposed to do. We’re Democrats. This race stuff is not supposed to be happening. It’s tearing our party apart. How did we get here?

HILLARY: Senator Obama and I agree completely that neither race nor gender should be a part of this campaign. So I very much appreciate what Senator Obama and I did yesterday, which is that we both have exuberant and sometimes uncontrollable (fake laugh) supporters that we need to get this campaign where it should be. We’re all family in the Democratic Party.

RUSH: We are family!

HILLARY: We are so different from the Republicans on all of these issues in every way that affects the future of the people that we care so much about.

RUSH: (groans)

HILLARY: So I think that it’s appropriate on Dr. King’s birthday, his actual birthday, to recognize that all of us are here as a result of what he did, all of the sacrifice, including giving his life, along with so many of the other icons that we honor.

RUSH: Whew. So the question was, ‘How did we get here.’ The answer is: We’re not there. Obama and I have gotten together; we have conspired to blame our staffs. Our staffs got too exuberant and they ran away with this, but me and Obama, we understand fully what this is all about, and we’re not going to go back there.

I don’t know how Hillary can say she’s where she is because of Dr. King. I really don’t know. She’s trying to get back in the good graces of people, though, because she’s out there basically trashed Dr. King by saying he was nothing without LBJ. But as I pointed out, ladies and gentlemen, in a previous hour of this very program: If LBJ was a key to all this, how come there aren’t any LBJ Streets all over America? How come there’s no LBJ holiday? You got a lot of Martin Luther King Boulevards, a lot of Martin Luther King Avenues, a lot of Martin Luther King schools. You have a Martin Luther King national holiday. Hillary Clinton did not get anywhere because of Dr. King. She got everywhere because of Mr. Bill — Uncle Bill, as he was appropriately named on this program yesterday. She’s blaming the staff. They’re ‘too exuberant.’ That’s very, very Oprah-like. Ladies and gentlemen, you know, when the staff here screws up, and it happens more than you’d know, I never blame the staff. You’ve heard me. For example, in their exuberance, if they believe some hoax e-mail that comes in and they give it to me as fact and I use it, it’s ultimately my responsibility for not checking it first. I’m not going to sit there and dump on the staff. I take all the heat and I get all the money. But here they are blaming their staffs! Nobody’s going to convince me that there wasn’t some meeting here to set this all up. Okay, so next up, Brian Williams says, ‘Senator Obama, same question.’

OBAMA: Hillary said it well. We are right now I think at a defining moment in our history.

RUSH: Yeah.

OBAMA: We got a nation at war.

RUSH: We’re winning.

OBAMA: Our planet is in peril.


OBAMA: And the economy is putting an enormous strain on working families all across the country.

RUSH: Democrats are.

OBAMA: Race has always been an issue in our politics and in — in this country.

RUSH: On the Democrat side.

OBAMA: One of the premises of my campaign and I think of the Democratic Party — and I know that John and Hillary had always been committed to racial equality — is that we can’t solve these challenges unless we can come together as a people, and we’re not resorting to the same — or falling into the same traps of division that we have in the past.

RUSH: Obama, you’ve taken the high road here, and I admire you, but they’re trying to destroy you, my man! out there with your drug use and your drug selling and ‘not doing the spadework,’ they’re trying to destroy you, Obama. By the way, you think Hillary’s committed to racial equality? How come she’s trying to stomp you into the dirt? How come Mrs. Clinton is treating you as no different than any other Republican opponent that she might have? She’s trying to ruin you, pal — and behind closed doors, I guarantee you there’s a conversation going: ‘Who does this upstart think he is?’ Racial equality, my… (ear-splitting tone).

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