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RUSH: I’m looking at South Carolina. Mrs. Clinton has pulled out of there. The story is Mrs. Clinton’s conceding it. She’s left. At the debate last night, she got aboard the charter jet (paid for with Norman Hsu money), and flew out to states getting ready for Super Tuesday on February 5th. Of course, the conventional wisdom is that Mrs. Clinton knows that Obama’s going to win the state of South Carolina. Why? Because of the black population. Now, what a coup it would be for Mrs. Clinton to win this thing Saturday while not even there. They’ve set up all this conventional wisdom that Obama is going to clean up — and he probably will. But I wouldn’t put it past these people to have the whole thing staged like they did New Hampshire, and for her to end up winning, ‘I had no clue. (sobbing) I love the people of South Carolina so much,’ and there’s Barry left regretting he ever brought up the fact that she served on a Wal-Mart board. It’s unlikely.

Now, when Barry wins South Carolina — say he wins South Carolina — what are the Clintons going to do then? (stifling laughter) Is she going to sit there and just take it that a majority of black people, Democrats, voted for Obama; when Bill Clinton’s ‘the first black president’? So you’ll have some version of the Clinton ‘southern strategy,’ and it will go something like this. These will not be the words that they use. But when asked about it, somebody like Howard Wolfson or Terry McAuliffe, somebody at the Clinton organization will say to the press asking them about it: ‘Well, what do you do expect? A lot of blacks in that state.’ Thud. Duhhhh. Giving nothing to Obama, blaming it all on racial identity politics, or crediting it for that. You watch. They’ll do something.

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