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RUSH: I got some e-mails here at the top of the hour, it’s been happening during the breaks during the whole program, ‘Rush, why are you so certain that Mrs. Clinton would never choose Obama, even if she does hate him, as you said, as her vice presidential nominee?’ Okay. Let me explain it this way. The thinking on the part of people who think that would be a great ticket is that, ‘Wow, look at this, first black vice presidential, first woman, why, they got it all covered out there. Wow!’ All of this is rooted in the notion that every time you get down to a presidential race, everybody gets focused on the female vote, everybody always does. If you look at the election returns from most of the presidential races, you’ll find that it really is whoever gets the majority of the male vote that wins the presidency. There are some exceptions to it, but it’s generally a fairly good rule to follow, it’s just not talked about much because it doesn’t fit the Drive-By template of things.

Now, let’s speak hypothetically for just a second. Let’s say that Senator McCain is the nominee of the Republican Party, and I don’t care who his vice presidential nominee is, let’s say he picks Perot, I don’t know, put anybody up there, his vice presidential nod. So you have McCain and whoever against Hillary and Obama. The reason this will never happen is because, what do men do then? Particularly the Reagan Democrat white men, what do they do then? Hillary and Obama, or McCain and whoever? Remember, the Clinton southern strategy is to lose South Carolina to a huge black turnout for Obama and then run around to the rest of the states and whisper, ‘Of course he won, look at all the blacks there,’ which is supposed to galvanize the whites in the rest of these states. I’m telling you there’s a race war going on and the Clintons are practicing this racial division in their own party like they are experts at it, and they have been ever since they were in Arkansas.

You will not believe me on this, but I have had some black conservative friends of mine who are conservative before they are black in their minds tell me that if Obama gets the nomination, regardless who his veep is, if Obama gets the nomination and McCain gets the Republican nomination, these black conservatives who are conservative first are telling me they’re going to vote Obama. When they told me that, I said, ‘I do not believe you!’ You know what they said? ‘Well, believe it, brother, because either way the country’s going to get destroyed, and I’d just as soon a black liberal be credited with it.’ And I said, ‘Whoa, back off! Wow.’ By the same token, if you have Hillary at the top of the ticket and McCain on the Republican side, and you had Obama as the veep, I’m telling you that’s why it’s never going to happen, because despite all this talk in the Democrat Party about wanting the women vote and so forth, their strategery in South Carolina indicates that they know that they’re going to need a large white vote and they’re also going to need the black vote come November after they’ve done their best to make ’em mad and divide them during the primaries as they’re in the process here of destroying Obama.


RUSH: This is South Bend, Indiana. Chuck, welcome, sir, to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: Hey, I can’t get enough of this show. I’ve got two goals in life: Make everyone agree with you, and I convert at least one liberal per week —

RUSH: That’s admirable, sir, thank you.

CALLER: And I want to be your permanent replacement host as I’ve mentioned to you once before. I’m calling regarding the predictions for Hillary veep.

RUSH: Yeah. Got about 45 seconds.

CALLER: Okay. I’m thinking Evan Bayh.

RUSH: Why do you think Evan Bayh? Because I said so earlier?

CALLER: Oh, I didn’t hear you say so.

RUSH: Oh, yeah, I think she’s going to pick a moderate zip — maybe I didn’t say it on the air. Not today, maybe I said it earlier.

CALLER: Yeah, I think I’ve heard you say it before —

RUSH: I think she’s going to pick a moderate white guy, could be portrayed as a conservative and has a zipper on his lip.

CALLER: Yeah. I see him lurking behind her giving speeches, he’s just kind of smiling quietly behind her, but he seems to be behind her often.

RUSH: Yeah, I think you’re right. Make no mistake, they’re not going to have the first female candidate for president backed up by a vice president that is not a guy, white guy. Learn it, love it, live it. I’m not the one injecting race into this campaign, into this party. That’s the Clintons, folks.

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