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RUSH: Let’s go back to the debate, the debate last night here in Boca Raton, Tim Russert said to Mitt Romney, ‘Governor Romney, do you trust Senator McCain and Mayor Giuliani on the issue of being tax cutters?’

ROMNEY: I trust these two gentlemen, and I respect them greatly. Now, I also support the Bush tax cuts. Senator McCain voted against them originally. He now believes they should be made permanent. I’m glad he agrees they should be made permanent. I think he should have voted for them the first time around. The Bush tax cuts helped get our economy going again when we faced the last tough times, and that’s why right now, as we face tough times, we need to have somebody who understands, if you will, has the private sector, has the business world, has the economy in their DNA. I do. I spent my life in the private sector. I know how jobs come, and I know how they go, and I’ll make sure that we create more good jobs for this nation. And one way to do that is by holding down taxes and making those tax cuts permanent.

RUSH: One of the things that amazed me, I listened to this, of course it makes total sense to me, it obviously makes total sense to me, but I imagine other people watching the debate, and, I say, they’ll think that government, like Hillary Clinton could run health care better than somebody who’s actually in that business. Hillary Clinton could run the oil companies better than somebody that actually is in that business. And of course people that have never had any experience running business at all in government, and do you realize how many people think that government should dispense some of these services and run some of these things? It’s frightening.

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