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Rush’s Morning Update: Wing Nuts!
January 28, 2008

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The billionaire George Soros– a major funding partner of Clinton, Inc.– has issued a call for massive new regulations and oversight of the world’s financial markets. Now, it’s apparently in response to our economy,which isn’t even in a recession. Soros blames low interest rates and excessive freedoms for fueling a real estate boom– which in turn is causing trouble for the financial industry. This is “not a normal crisis,” he said, “but the end of an era.”

Saying it’s a mistake to think that financial markets will manage their own affairs,Soros called for “authorities” to “go in and examine the books” of financial institutions. And then they should “rescue” or “even take over banks that have become insolvent.” This call for massive Big Government control over private industry was delivered at a ski resort in Davosat an “annual gathering of the world’s political, business, and academic elite.” (Oh, good Lord: save us.)

Some insurgent in the audience asked Soros if what he proposed– effectively nationalizing financial institutions– might spark a panic. Sorosreplied: “It could be dangerous.”

Meanwhile, on the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton is echoing all of this, as she tells us she wants to take the profits from oil companies,nationalize health care, and behind the curtain this wing nut calls for an out-and-out takeover of capitalism itself! This is not just idle chatter, my friends.The socialist vision for Americais central to the elite liberal Democrat agenda for this country. Learn it, love it — don’t love it, actually — and live it.

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