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RUSH: For those of you at Media Matters for America, you can get a note of this, too. My prediction is quite simple, ladies and gentlemen. It’s founded in pure, pure logic, and it is this. Remember that picture on the cover of TIME Magazine that portrayed the African-American O.J. Simpson much darker than he actually is? And remember people said, ‘What the hell is that?’ and TIME said, ‘Hey, shut up! This is journalistic photographic license.’ No, it’s not. That’s not how he looks! If TIME Magazine has no compunction about Photoshopping a cover picture of O.J. Simpson to make him look blacker than he is; don’t be surprised, ladies and gentlemen, if in coming Clinton-Obama ads, he is made to appear darker than he is. Did you Drive-Bys get that? Did you people at Media Matters for America get that? I know these people. I know ’em like every square inch of my glorious naked body. I’m not predicting it. I’m just telling you. ‘Don’t be surprised if the next time you see a Clinton still shot in an ad…’ It’d be much easier to doctor a still shot than a whole running piece of video. It’s much less expensive. You see one of those things, Obama looks a little darker than he normally does to you. Well, remember, we’ve gone from Bull Connor to Bull Clinton. We have an Uncivil War in the Democrat Party, and the Clinton machine is trying to say that blacks stick together and vote for blacks — and Toni Morrison, who came up with this moniker that Bill Clinton was ‘the first black president,’ has actually endorsed Obama. This little rally that Ted Kennedy just had, I watched this thing, for Obama? It was far more important and impressive than anything Oprah did.

Did you notice the white people in the background of that shot? A lot of white people behind the podium where all of these endorsers happen to speak. But there was one conclusion that I came to, and really it is that the Democrats have not changed. They really have nothing of substance. They have no ideas that they wish to be honest about. They don’t have any real ideals, so they fill themselves with a lot of candy, sweet nothings. ‘Camelot.’ You know, Camelot was a dream. There was no real Camelot, ever, on the planet. Now they want to try to bring to life again something that was a dream, Camelot; made up by Jackie and the Drive-Bys to help us deal with the grief of JFK’s death. It’s like Obama. There’s no ‘there’ there. He speaks, and he says soaring things, but there’s no ‘there’ there. There’s no difference, policy-wise, between Barack and Mrs. Clinton. But they’re going to be hot and heavy here on this Kennedy rally. There won’t be much news about Hillary here — and they got the State of the Union tonight — because they’re all just having orgasms here over the return to Camelot. ‘Wow!’ But it is nothing. It literally is nothing, in terms of policies and so forth.

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