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RUSH: Charlotte, North Carolina, Jim, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, how are you?

RUSH: Fine, sir.

CALLER: A longtime listener.

RUSH: Thank you sir.

CALLER: A longtime listener, always been aligned with you on everything, and I have to say that now I’m, for the first time, disappointed and genuinely concerned.

RUSH: With me?

CALLER: With your lack of support of Romney.


CALLER: I really feel like it’s a concern within your base. I think your base is now divided, because there’s so much that you could have done in this case that wasn’t done.

RUSH: Such as…? I mean, you know I’m bound by my policy not to endorse in primaries.

CALLER: Endorsing is not the issue as much as clarifying within the minds of the people that listen to you daily, who think the way that you do, some of the things that are misconceptions with regard to this country.

RUSH: I’d love to agree with you here, but when I look at McCain’s voters, the majority of his voters, I don’t think that they’re a majority of my so-called base, moderates —

CALLER: I disagree with you, Rush.

RUSH: Independents?

CALLER: If you look at the evangelicals as a sector, for example, you, if anyone, can correct their ignorance with regard to his faith, Romney’s faith. That’s ridiculous.

RUSH: You know something? I’m glad you mentioned that. I want to address this with you from the top. I can’t do that. I don’t talk religion. I don’t argue people’s faith on this program. I don’t tell anybody that their religion is nuts or that what they think about somebody else’s religion is nuts. I don’t go there. I’m not a theologian. I also know this. Really committed people of faith — can’t change ’em, you can’t talk ’em out of it. It’s silly to try; it’s insulting to try to talk them out of their faith-based beliefs. I’m not going to be the one to do that. A candidate has a responsibility here, Jim. The candidate has a responsibility to go out and be heard and get support. If the candidate has that religion problem, then the candidate has to do something about it. I cannot believe, here I’ve done a brilliant open of the program, and I find myself in hot water.

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