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RUSH: The Breck Girl is quitting today. He’s in New Orleans. He’s supposed to speak at one o’clock Eastern Time. He’s a little late. They always are for these things. He’s going to get out of the race. He’s not expected to endorse anybody right off the bat here. He’s still parlaying negotiations no doubt for either a veep nod or attorney general nod with either Hillary or Obama. But, ladies and gentlemen, since he’s exiting the scene, at least as a candidate, we wanted to go back to the Grooveyard of Forgotten Favorites.

(playing of More of a Woman)

RUSH: So the only question here left to ask, ladies and gentlemen, with the announcement, the soon to be forthcoming announcement of John Edwards that he’s getting out of the presidential race, is which of the two Americas will benefit the most with Edwards gone? Only time will tell on this.

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