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RUSH: Don in Richmond, Indiana, I’m glad you called. Welcome, sir, to the program.

CALLER: Rush, thanks, and I’ll tell you up front, I’ve always been a big fan, but I’m beginning to grow concerned, and I’m tempted to even lose respect for you, and I’ll just be honest with you and tell you why.

RUSH: Oh, no. You’re the second guy today.

CALLER: Well, I would be probably considered a neocon by a lot of people, a lot of my friends know that I’m very conservative, but I’m starting to get a subtle message from you that we would be better off to just go ahead and let Hillary win, and if we did, it would rejuvenate the Republican Party and we’d have another revolution like we did in ’94 and, Rush, I want you to know my opinion is, if we let Hillary win, it will be for another eight years. We’ll get another Ruth Bader Ginsburg, another Stephen Breyer, possibly another 9/11, and I don’t believe our nation can afford that. And so if McCain’s the nominee, even though he’s not my favorite, I’ll crawl on glass to vote for him.

RUSH: Well, if you are a regular listener, then you know that every election year we get people calling here saying, ‘Rush, we need to lose.’ I had people saying it last year in ’06 in the midterm election, ‘Rush, we need to lose. We need these Republicans to be taught a lesson.’ I’ve rejected that. I would never, ever, do something to guarantee my party’s defeat. I’m just giving you history when I talk about ’76 and Reagan and Ford and Carter in 1980, was giving you history. My point there was that Reagan was who he was, he was great and so forth, but I might not have gotten there without Jimmy Carter. I’m not saying repeat the strategy because I don’t think any of that was strategic. It just happened. I also don’t buy the notion that Hillary is an automatic two-term president. You’re making this really hard. I was asked this earlier today, Don, ‘Would you vote for McCain even if?’ I’m not going to take action to see that our side loses. I don’t advocate losing, period. I just don’t know — and this is bottom line — I just don’t know that my vote for McCain would matter, if you understand what I mean.

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