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RUSH: We’re going to play a portion here of Schwarzenegger endorsing McCain. Now, keep in mind, here’s the context. All day long and last night, pundits from across the political spectrum have been saying, ‘McCain is going to have to reach out to the right. He’s not getting conservative support yet, and he’s going to have to do that at some point if he hopes to win the presidency.’ Here is Schwarzenegger explaining why he is endorsing McCain.

SCHWARZENEGGER: I am endorsing Senator McCain to be the next president of the United States because I am interested in a great future, and I think that Senator McCain has proven over and over again that he is reaching across the aisle in order to get things done. There are the people out there that talk about reaching across the aisle, but he has shown the action over and over again. He’s a great American hero and an extraordinary leader. This is why I’m endorsing him to be our next president of the United States.

RUSH: Well, that’s really helpful. He reaches across the aisle well. (sigh) That means he reaches out to Democrats — and of course Schwarzenegger probably could write the book on that. Look, folks, make up your own mind on this stuff. It’s just out there staring you in the face. It’s up to you to see it. I can’t make you see it. I can only put it in front of you. If you wish to keep your eyes closed, feel free. Brenda in Salt Lake City, thank you for waiting. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi! I’ve really been enjoying your program today and —

RUSH: Thank you. By the way, you know what, Brenda, one thing we do know: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wife is able to control him —

CALLER: (giggles)

RUSH: — is able to change his mind, is able to send him off in a different political direction. There’s no question. So it can be done. I’m sorry to interrupt you.

CALLER: I was just calling to say that I’m a conservative, and I’m going to be voting for Mitt Romney on Tuesday, but I can tell you this: If he should not get the nomination and McCain should get the nomination, I have watched the debates since day one, and C-SPAN and all the talks and everything, and he just has lost my respect. He’s a hothead. I wouldn’t trust him with anything. I would rather vote for a Democrat or not vote at all than to vote for him.

RUSH: He’s a hothead? You talk about the debate last night or just a series of incidents?

CALLER: I’m talking about that debate and the first debate that was, oh, where was it? In Michigan, New Hampshire? I can’t remember. I have just been disgusted with his ways, especially last night. Even when Anderson Cooper repeated the exact comment that Romney made about the timetable or whatever that McCain was saying —

RUSH: Yeah, yeah. His lying about Romney.

CALLER: Yeah, he wouldn’t let it go. He just kept beating it. I mean, it’s obvious that he doesn’t like Mitt Romney. But to me, I mean I heard him on a program the other day on Sean Hannity — and I can’t remember who it was — a senator saying that McCain use the F-word and the A-word to all the people in the Senate if he has a disagreement with them. We don’t need somebody like that, you know, talking to a foreign leader.

RUSH: What you are talking about here basically is temperament. That’s what bothers you, right? The temperament of Senator McCain.

CALLER: Yeah. Temperament, what he stands for. I mean he’s just a Democrat disguised, trying to pretend to be a Republican. I would not vote for him. If they nominate him, I will either not vote or I will vote for Obama over him, just because I just don’t like the way he’s conducted himself.

RUSH: All right. If all this happens out there, Brenda, I want you to call me back —


RUSH: — sometime before you make that decision.

CALLER: Yeah. Okay.

RUSH: Because we’re getting down the road a little bit here. I understand a lot of this is out there. I hear this, folks. I hear it from a lot of people, and I understand. I understand the frustration, and probably you’re going to hear Schwarzenegger talk about he’s moving across the aisle and reaching out to the bad guys. Reaching out to the enemies, this is something that irritates a lot of people. Look, Brenda, I’m glad you called. Thank you so much.

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