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Rush’s Morning Update: Breathtaking!
February 1, 2008

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You know, my friends, I’ve always told you there’s another agenda behind the global warming hoax — and that’s socialism. Global warming-ism is an anti-capitalist ideology, rooted in the idea that America is too successful, too prosperous;that our prosperity must be curbed because it’s supposedly harming the planet.

Well, on Wednesday, our former President Bill Clinton confirmed everything that I have said. Campaigning for his wife outin Denver, Clinton proclaimed: “Everybody knows that global warming is real.” And he went on to declare that America and other “rich countries” should say:”Okay, we just have to slow down our economy and cut back our greenhouse gas emissions ’cause we have to save the planet for our grandchildren. We could do that.”

Yes, my friends:America should “slow down our economy” — go into a recession! –to serve a mythperpetuated by radical environmentalist-wackoswith an anti-American, anti-capitalist worldview.

Now, this former President– and candidate for another Clinton co-presidency– has just suggested we deliberately hamper our economic standing in the world and cripple our economyfor the sake of appeasing an unproven, scientifically flawed theorythat has no basis in fact.

If we were to do what Bill Clinton suggests, millions of Americans would never be able to exercise their potential to prosper. It’s a sabotage of the American Dream, a sabotage of America itself — which would no longer be the superpower it is now, and all of us would have to turn to government for more and more. This kind of thinking is as dangerous as it is breathtaking. And it better open your eyes to what the Clinton mindset — the liberal mindset — really is.

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