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Rush’s Morning Update: Straight Talk
February 5, 2008

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To mollify conservative voters, one Republican candidate now says the reason he voted against President Bush’s tax cutswas that spending cuts weren’t on the table.

But that’s not true;it’s not what he said. At the time, this candidate said he couldn’t “in good conscience support a tax cut in which so many of the benefits go to the most fortunate among us at the expense of middle-class Americans who most need tax relief.” It’s John McCain who said that, and that’s straight out of the Democrat class-warfare playbook;shows a total lack of understanding of the American economy, and a total disregard for conservative voters.

Why, just last week, I discussed an AP story about economists who are worried that the so-called wealthy are cutting back on spending. The top 20 percent of wage earners aren’t just millionaires, folks;they include middle-class households– they account for most of the spending in this country. It’stheir spending that sort of “ripples” across all economic sectors,fueling job creation and economic growth. Ronald Reagan knew it: providing tax relief to those achievers unleashes their potential, and unshackles our economy.

The Drive-Bys and the DC pundit class still don’tunderstand this, they still don’t get it.This election isn’t about me. My success is not determined by who wins elections –it’s about ideas [and] the future of this country that I love. And one more thing: this election’sabout the truth. That’sreal straight talk –and that doesn’t change just because it’s an election year… at least not here.

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