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RUSH: This is from a hodgepodge of similar sound bites. Carol Costello on CNN, who basically says that today is super doomsday for Rush Limbaugh. This is from yesterday afternoon, The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. We have a montage here of Carol Costello’s report on McCain, talk radio, and Super Tuesday.

COSTELLO: If you’re John McCain, the talk on talk radio is pretty darn vile. Super Tuesday is shaping up to be more like super doomsday for conservative talkers.

RUSH ARCHIVE: McCain will kill conservatism as a — you know, a dominant force in the Republican Party.

COSTELLO: They’re pulling out all of their best auditory shots to hurt John McCain’s candidacy. But they appear to be losing. McCain, the man conservative talk show hosts love to hate, owns the latest Republican poll of polls. He gets 45% of likely Republican voters. Mitt Romney gets 24%. As you know, Mitt Romney is using all of this in the campaign, the anti-John McCain rhetoric, and I guess, Wolf, we may know tomorrow or maybe Wednesday if McCain will indeed be hurt by all the talk.

BLITZER: We’ll see how influential they are among conservative Republicans.

RUSH: And once again, even after all this time I spent on this yesterday, and after all the detail I gave Howard Kurtz and the Washington Post today, and he reported most of it verbatim — maybe I should read some of those quotes I gave Kurtz in case you haven’t read the story. But after all of that, they still don’t get how I measure my success. Wolf, you’re talking about Bill Kristol and David Brooks and Fred Barnes and these people that are conservative pundits in the Beltway, that’s how they define their success. Who wins elections and who implements the policy ideas they have. I do not measure my success by who wins elections. My success doesn’t depend on that, as has been evidenced by the last 20 years. They’re never going to get it. I should stop trying to beat my head against the wall so that they do. It’s best to remain a dirty little secret to them.


RUSH: Now, let me read to you from Howard Kurtz’s piece in the Washington Post today, ‘Limbaugh on McCain: It’s Better to be Right All the Time.’ This is what I told him about, because he sent me some questions, and one of the questions was: Will you take this as a personal setback if McCain wins? ‘Limbaugh dismissed the notion that a McCain victory would be a ‘personal setback’ for him. ‘My success is not defined by who wins elections,’ he said. ‘Elected officials come and go. I am here for as long as I wish to stay. …’ I said to Howard Kurtz, ”Yesterday it was Limbaugh vs. [Donovan] McNabb, Limbaugh vs. Michael J. Fox. Before that it was Limbaugh vs. Bill Clinton. Tomorrow it will be Limbaugh vs. Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. And I note the media never applies this template to anyone else in media. Not to anyone in cable news, not to any of the endorsements of the major newspapers. Why are the New York Times and Washington Post not asked about the setback they both suffered when George Bush beat both their endorsed candidates in 2000 and 2004?” Then Kurtz puts this line in: ‘[N]oting that McCain won Florida last week even though Limbaugh broadcasts from Palm Beach.’ What’s that got to do with anything? What does the fact that I broadcast from Palm Beach have anything to do with McCain winning Florida? Am I some sort of a favorite son candidate that got creamed or something? No matter how many times I talk to these Drive-By Media people, they hear it, but it doesn’t permeate or penetrate. They just are unable to process it.

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