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RUSH: I was talking to my brother last night. We had all these instant messages and e-mails going back and forth with people analyzing things, and you went through a bunch of ups and downs because the exit polls early on made it look like Obama was going to clean up and like Romney was coming on strong, and then the actual vote was counted, and of course the exit polls were again wrong. I remember back in 2004, the early exit polls had John Kerry sweeping, and of course then the real vote came out and all those kook fringe leftists said, ‘There has to be a conspiracy, because the exit polls said that Kerry was going to win! So the real vote had to be tampered with.’ The Democrats have this history of presuming the exit polls are accurate and the real vote is tainted. Yet, when the exit polls on Democrat side came out show that Obama was sweeping to an oh-my-gosh-frightening-for-Mrs. Clinton victory,’ and then the real votes counted, it’s just the opposite. They end up pretty much tied in the delegate count last night. It’s pretty close, in terms of delegates available yesterday. There’s no anger. In fact, I think all this notion… I’ve been watching television, and of course the next series of primaries, the big ones are on March the 4th — and these next series of primaries, by the way, on the Democrat side, Obama is going to get most of them.

He’s positioned well in a lot states. He might win Ohio. He’s going to do great in Washington, DC. He might even do well in Texas. So this next wave is going to be interesting, and the Drive-Bys have been predicting that it’s going to be a slugfest. It hasn’t been a slugfest. These people are in a mutual admiration love society. They’re not going to destroy one another in this process. It’s going to be civil. It’s going to be familial. All this desire for a car crash-type thing, it just isn’t going to happen. But anyway, I was going to say, going back and forth with my brother, and I made a point to my brother last night. I said, ‘You know, beyond the fact that this is a Republican primary — and of course Republicans are opposing Republicans — I sense something, just in my gut. I sense that what’s actually happening out here is that…’ I’m going to struggle to explain this correctly. But I think even among our candidates that are running; there is a greater interest in running against certain elements of their own party than there is running against Democrats. Now, I understand it’s a primary, and McCain has to run against Romney; and Romney versus McCain; and Huckabee has to run against Romney as well.

But I think it goes deeper than that. It’s just something that I have sensed. There is a greater desire on the part of members of our party to destroy certain elements of our party, than there is a unified party desire to defeat Democrats. This is also turning people off because the element of the Republican Party that seems to be under assault is the conservative base. It seems like that’s what’s out for destruction this year amongst the Republican Party. It goes right along with my theory. McCain can thumb his nose; he can stick his thumb in the eyes of conservatives, not pay a price for it within his own party. In fact, he’s lauded as some sort of maverick who is able to cross the aisle and get things done with the Democrats. He’s far more eager to work with Democrats against the interests of Republicans, particularly conservatives — and not only does he not pay a price for it, he’s lauded for it. He gets credit for it. This infuriates Republicans who want some payback and who want to get in the game at the same time to protect themselves, protect the conservative base and that particular identity of the Republican Party. You couple it with I think one of the — she didn’t say so, but I’m going to presume that, to get back to Suzanne from Hagerstown, Maryland.

There’s a lot of frustration in the Republican Party over this. We’ve had the White House for eight years. We’ve had a majority in the House of Representatives for most of those eight years — and what is there to show for it? And so conservatives are saying, ‘What the hell did it all mean? What the hell was the point? We got all these people elected, then they ran around and they stopped being Republicans — and at the same time they stopped being Republicans, they got credit for it! The media loved ’em. Moderate Republicans loved ’em!’ They see Schwarzenegger campaigning as a rock-ribbed conservative in California running against out of control budget. Now look! He has taken as sharp a turn left as any politician I have seen ever in my life. He’s now endorsed McCain. Tom Brokaw on a sound bite we played last hour. He said, ‘I don’t think Limbaugh’s correct calling Schwarzenegger and Giuliani liberal. They’re not exactly going to be groomsmen at a Jane Fonda wedding.’ Mr. Brokaw, Arnold Schwarzenegger will be invited to every Kennedy family party that there is. Who says Jane Fonda defines liberalism these days, anyway?

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