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RUSH: Hillary had to loan herself money. Now, the question is, ‘Whose is it?’ She’s getting very testy about this. It’s my money! It’s my money! She’s made about $6 million from her books. Her husband’s made the rest of the money in the family, according to the financial disclosure forms and so forth. Her staff, including the campaign manager — now, get this, folks — her staff, including the campaign manager, are now working without pay, and a reporter, unbelievably, a reporter asked her today, ‘Are your unpaid staff members getting health care coverage?’ She dodged the question! (laughing) I mean, this has gotta be stunning to these people to get questions like that from the Drive-By Media who they thought they had in the palm of their hands.

Also, Howard Dean, the chairman of the Democrat National Committee, is out saying that this dead heat is not good news for us. This tie is not good for us. By the way, the Drive-By Media reported incorrectly on Tuesday that Hillary got the bulk of the delegates at the end of the voting, and it depends on where you look, but places like NBC News are reporting that Obama got the bulk of the delegates. The only way that Hillary gets the delegate count majority is if you throw in the super delegates. But in terms of the delegates that were awarded after voting on Tuesday, it looks like Obama cleaned up as well as cleaned up on a number of states, and they were pretty close to a dead heat on the popular vote, like 7.1 million apiece. This is not what the Clintons planned for, and now her staff is basically enslaved. Her campaign staff is a bunch of slaves. I mean that’s what you are when you don’t get paid for working. (interruption) That’s an excellent point, Maimone. Maybe now we should qualify them as interns. Instead of a paid staff, we’ve got a staff full of interns at Clinton, Inc., the campaign headquarters. But isn’t that a great question from the reporter, ‘Is your unpaid staff, your interns, getting health care coverage?’ They’re not, they’re getting screwed, folks. They’re not getting paid. They’re not getting health care. (laughing)

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