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Rush’s Morning Update: Harmony!
February 8, 2008

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Candidates and pundits keep talking about “bringing the country together.” Yes: According to an AP story, this has left Americans wondering “if divisiveness will again prevail or if– just maybe– a window is open for a more civil, constructive era” in politics.

Well, for you “wondering” Americans, I have the answer for you: It’sa capital”NO.” Regardless of the outcome, the November elections will not mark the end to “divisiveness.” I mean, the notion that after an election– which by definition is divisive– we’re all somehow going to come together and sing Kumbaya?That’ssophistry.

Discord is the nature of politics. Those who take the future of the nation seriously aren’t going to stop competing in the marketplace of ideas; they’re not going toabandon principles, or retreat intosomefairy-tale world for the sake of going along to get along.

Anybody wishing for “an end to divisiveness” exhibits a woeful misunderstanding of our history. Partisan debate was essential to our founding; it was present during George Washington’s tenure as president, [and] it will be around long after we’re gone.

The freedom to dissent, to oppose, to persuade,to defeat political opponents — even sometimes in your own party– it’sour birthright, it’sour blessing. This very freedom nurtured America’s rise as the world’s superpower,dwarfing nations that existed thousands of years before us.

All that said, if you libs want to have harmony, here’s how it can happen: Just stop pushing your leftwing agenda –and come join mein the glorious pursuit of conservatism!

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