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RUSH: Last night on PMSNBC, the house organ for the Democrat National Committee, DNCTV; Dan Abrams was celebrating the death of talk radio in front of a graphic of a gravestone that says, ‘RIP, Right-Wing Radio,’ rest in peace, right-wing radio, and he says this.

ABRAMS: For nearly 20 years conservative talk radio has led the Republican Party’s charge on hot-button issues from immigration, to abortion, to taxes. So does Romney’s failure show that right-wing radio has finally lost its mojo?

RUSH: He had a guest: Peter Beinart, Council on Foreign Relations. So he’s just established the premise that Limbaugh’s finished. ‘Twenty years,’ that means me. Limbaugh is finished; it’s over with; rest in peace, right-wing radio. He asks Beinart this.

ABRAMS: Don’t you agree with me that this is just rhetoric on the part of the far right suggesting (starts raving) that they’re not going to vote or they’re not — because John McCain is so horrible, the idea of John McCain is so horrible to the far right that they’re not going to vote, come — even if he’s up against Barack Obama?

BEINART: No, I don’t think it is rhetoric. I think the Republicans are not going to get the big base turnout that they got in 2004 for George W. Bush.


BEINART: Democrats are, and that’s why McCain will lose.

RUSH: Peter Beinart of the Council on Foreign Relations. What he’s saying there is that talk radio may not be dead, Mr. Abrams. The Republican base may not show up here the way they did for Bush in 2000 and ’04. Anyway, I’m just sharing all that with you in case you missed it.

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