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RUSH: This is Brian in New Orleans. Nice to have you, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, mega, mega, mega Bayou State where every man’s a king; no one wears a crown, LSU Tigers national championship dittos to you, sir.

RUSH: Well, thank you, sir, very much. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Yes, sir. I was calling because, as you may or may not know, Barack Obama was in New Orleans yesterday, and I thought it was interesting that he talked a lot about, of course, you know, trying to say that the slow recovery here has to do because of the large African-American population, even though we all know Katrina was an equal opportunity destroyer.

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait a second. I want to understand this. Barack Obama’s in New Orleans, and he said that the slow recovery there has to be because there’s an alarming bunch of African-Americans — and that means the country doesn’t care so they’re not helping them recover, is that what you said?

CALLER: It’s what he alluded to, not in so many words, yes, sir. One of the things I thought that was funny, he talked about he wanted to give an annual tax credit for students to make college more affordable; yet he gave this speech from Tulane University, which costs about $40,000 a year to go to. I thought that was pretty interesting. He also talked about, again, our recovery post-Katrina but he was the one that voted against a key piece of legislation in the Senate that was going to help restore our coasts. He voted against it, and had the audacity to criticize the federal government for being slow on recovery. So the reason why I was calling, and what I wanted to really hear you opine on today was, what is the phenomenon with this guy? They have all these people that follow him like a blind cult, like he’s a one-man Grateful Dead concert. I call them the ‘Obamunists,’ the people that follow Barack Obama the Obamunists.

RUSH: It is strictly a cult of personality. It has nothing to do with the issues. You could go down every list of liberal things he supports. That college tuition thing, the dirty little secret on that is that liberals in Washington are offering — what did he say, tax credits?

CALLER: He wanted to offer like a $4,000 tax credit in exchange for maybe volunteering in the community or something.

RUSH: Yeah, yeah. Now —

CALLER: It sounds good on paper, but —

RUSH: But, see, guess what that ends up doing? If you offer a $4,000 tax credit to help you with college tuition, guess what the colleges are free to do? Raise tuition.

CALLER: Exactly. That’s what they always do.

RUSH: And that’s exactly what liberals want. Liberals are liberals, too, and they hang together, and liberals run most of the Ivy League universities — well, all of them; a good number of the universities in the country. You never hear the liberals when they complain about Wal-Mart or Big Oil, you never hear ’em talking about the exorbitant increases in tuition costs. You never hear ’em complain about the cost of college. All you hear ’em talk about is how ‘the student loan program is not sufficient and the payback problem in the student loan program is too punitive, and we need more student loans and we need more Pell Grants.’ You never hear them talking about any kind of control over the out-of-control rise in tuition costs because they want a lot of high tuitions to keep liberal buddies paid well enough as professors and presidents and so forth. They want liberals to continue to populate these campuses because that’s where the propagandizing of the American youth takes place, as American youth become adults. So you’re going to go crazy if you start — at this stage, anyway — analyzing Obama issue by issue and asking why people support him. He’s a big lib, and libs are going to support him on that basis. But his appeal right now is above and beyond. It’s almost messianic. He’s a messiah! He’s ‘for change.’ He’s young. He’s youthful. He’s JFK. He’s Camelot. I mean, people will show up and listen to Obama speak — and say nothing, but say it well — and they will literally start crying.

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