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RUSH: I cannot believe that I let my guard down as easily as it happened. This incident just goes to show how easy it is to lose one’s vigilance. As you know, the past two days we’ve been hearing sob stories from the Clinton campaign about how she’s out of money, about how she had to borrow $5 million from either herself or her husband, how the staff is not being paid. None of it was true. Not one word of it is true. I mean, she might have borrowed $5 million, but she is not out of money by any stretch. Her staffers are being paid. We have two stories on this from ABC News. We were clearly lied to, and this is where the vigilance fell. It’s the Clintons. We should have always suspected a lie. The whole thing was a ruse to gin up fundraising, because she is lagging behind Barack Obama. But she’s not out of money. The whole thing was a flat-out lie from top to bottom.

So, as you know, if you were here from yesterday, I have listened carefully to what the Republican Party’s strategy is for defeating Mrs. Clinton, and it is this. They are going to rely on the hatred and the loathing for Mrs. Clinton, the fear of Mrs. Clinton, to rally Republicans and conservatives to vote against her. Rather than offer genuine leadership from our own party, they’re going to rely on your hatred, your disgust, your loathing, and your fear for Mrs. Clinton to rally you to the Republican side and Senator McCain just to keep her out of the White House. So I thought, being loyal to the party here to show that there are no hard feelings over anything, I was going to help that prospect along. I was going to do a fundraiser for Mrs. Clinton. I even came up with a slogan: ‘Keep Her In It So We Can Win It.’ We even have a little banner at RushLimbaugh.com that we were going to get printed up. I was thinking very seriously about actually doing this on the air here. I wasn’t going to ask you people to send in a lot of money, just a buck or two. There’s a lot of you out there. You could seriously help. But I’m canceling the fundraiser. It’s no longer necessary. The whole thing was a lie. There will be no fundraiser for Mrs. Clinton. She’s doing just fine. You’re going to have to come up with your fear and loathing of her on your own. I’ll be in there, but I doubt that you’ll need much assistance on that.

I also predicted off air yesterday to my trusted and loyal staff here that members of the Drive-By Media would fall hook, line, and sinker for this and would report that I was so angry at McCain being the presumptive Republican nominee, so angry at having lost my mojo, so angry at being rejected by my own party, that I, in a fit of pique, in a fit of anger, would run out and publicly support Mrs. Clinton, and it happened. It happened in two places. Diane Sawyer and local CBS Channel 2 in New York. Now, Diane Sawyer, she’s on the edge here of not getting it or getting it. But it could not have been more clear what this was about. In fact, I even said yesterday, Snerdley asked me, ‘Well, you endorsed Howard Dean.’ I said, ‘I’m not endorsing Hillary. I’m just thinking about raising money for her to help further the Republican strategery making sure she’s the nominee, keep her in it so we can win it.’ Let’s go to the audiotape, Good Morning America today, Diane Sawyer with Newt Gingrich about me and Senator McCain. Sawyer says, ‘I’m going to play Rush Limbaugh’s response of the call for calm.’

RUSH ARCHIVE: We’ve gotta calm down, that’s what you say to six year olds.

SAWYER: And just yesterday Rush Limbaugh, as we know, conservative talk show host on the radio, said that he’s thinking about helping Senator Clinton, Hillary Clinton raise money, said perhaps ironically, but this doesn’t sound like a group of conservatives coming around.

GINGRICH: I’m going to try to outline the notion that maybe it will be healthy for conservatives to start a new presidency by understanding that you’ve gotta measure every single proposal. You’ve gotta oppose the ones that are wrong and be for the ones that are right, but it’s not about a yes-no test on one personality. I think issue by issue we’ll sometimes fight Senator McCain and we’ll sometimes be for him.

RUSH: All right, so I’m going to leave all the McCain stuff aside for today. I’ve got some e-mails I want to read to you from people who are royally angry at me. Oh, ho-ho, the e-mails continue to pour in in record numbers. But, you see, Diane Sawyer said, ‘perhaps ironically, but this doesn’t sound like a group of conservatives…’ Diane, the whole point of raising money for Hillary was to help the Republican Party because their strategy is, they can easily beat her, more so than Obama. Let’s move on to New York. WCBS-TV, Channel 2, they took it dead seriously. This is the CBS 2 News This Morning show today, and the anchors Maurice DuBois and Kate Sullivan.

DUBOIS: Shortly after the announcement, Rush Limbaugh told his listeners to combat McCain he may raise money for Hillary Clinton.

RUSH: The reason for raising money for Hillary is because apparently my party is relying on fear and loathing of Hillary to get the nomination to unite Republicans who are, some of them, off the reservation.

SULLIVAN: Fascinating in politics not only on the Democratic side but the Republican side, and now with Mitt Romney dropping out.

DUBOIS: Mmm-hmm, plot thickens.

SULLIVAN: Yes, very interesting

RUSH: You know, these Drive-By Media people are so predictable. I was telling somebody this morning, their focus is so narrow. Their clichéd, stereotypical view of conservatives and me is so narrow, they haven’t the slightest — it could not have been more plain yesterday, could not have been clearer. They think that I’m in a fit of pique even after playing my sound bite, that I am so upset that Romney dropped out, that McCain’s the nominee, that I’m going to go raise money for Hillary Clinton. It didn’t dawn on them that I was being loyal to the party.


RUSH: Chris Matthews, Joe Scarborough’s show this morning, talking about me and Hillary.

MATTHEWS: Republican talk show people like Rush Limbaugh, they wouldn’t be so unhappy to have Hillary Clinton to beat up for four or eight years, especially four years.

WOMAN: Mmmm.

MATTHEWS: Imagine Hillary Clinton as president for a couple of months with about a one-point advantage come into office. They will crash around her, hitting her with everything they got! She won’t get a three-second honeymoon! They’ll be in heaven.

RUSH: Back to the same old thing. Chris, it’s been 20 years. When are you people going to get it through your head? Who wins elections is irrelevant to me in terms of my success! It doesn’t matter. My success is not dependent on who wins elections. I don’t want Hillary to win so I’ll have exciting shows for four or eight years. It would be pure agony to deal with that bunch in the White House and in Washington again. And Matthews continues his rant.

MATTHEWS: Rush Limbaugh will be in heaven!

WOMAN: (cackles)

MATTHEWS: The ratings will go through the roof! Roger Ailes will be in — he’ll be in on Neptune, he’ll be so happy!

VOICES: (laughter)

MATTHEWS: He’ll be so happy, because all they’ll do every day is say, ‘How do we beat up Hillary Clinton today,’ unless occasionally she starts a war, and then they’ll give her a parade.

WOMAN: (cackles)

MATTHEWS: Give her a parade every day she starts a war, but then she’s not starting a war, they’ll kill her.

RUSH: The dirty little secret here is that Chris Matthews has been on the anti-Hillary Clinton bandwagon. He’s been on a tear against her for weeks now, if not months. It is clear that he’s chosen Obama; and now this transference, this projection, saying that what we want is Hillary to win? If that’s the case, we ought… I caught myself on that. If we want Hillary, wouldn’t it be wise to nominate somebody we think is going to lose? And if we’re going to nominate somebody we think is going to lose, wouldn’t it be wise for me to support that nominee? Gosh, they’re so dense. It’s never going to change. They are who they are, and it’s not going to change.

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