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“Trust me on this. Don’t doubt me. The Drive-By Media’s objective is to destroy every Republican candidate, except the ones who cannot win.”

“Hillary Clinton just finished an interview with reporters in Iowa, and when she turned to walk away, the flags started falling down! I was thinking: ‘This is an omen.This is either an omen for her or for us — I’m not sure which.'”

“The Hawkeye Cauci is on January 3rd this year, and that’s a Thursday night. I’m going to have to look this up, but what if there’s a college bowl game on that night?”

“Why is it that the Democrats always look at the future of the country and say, ‘We have to sacrifice, we have to roll back’? What is the point? Why must the American attitude be one of self-punishment born of guilt?”

“Look: I’m not taking any of this personally, but I don’t know how I can not be at least on the list for consideration for Time Magazine’s Person of the Year.”

“If Ron Paul wins, then the press coverage will be, ‘Hmm, maybe the Republicans in Iowa and in New Hampshire really aren’t worried about mental instability.'”

“We have all the admiration and love for you in the world — those of you in military families. And you will always have it from the vast majority of the people in this country, too.”

“Somebody asked, ‘Hey, Rush, what if Huckabee wins Iowa? How does that throw things up? Could you support Huckabee?’ Well, I have a real problem with that because he is pro-exercise, and I am not.”

“What I think Steve Jobs and Apple ought to do in the face of this assault on their product by the Drive-By Media is start making edible ear buds. You know, make your iPod taste like white truffle without it costing you 300 bucks a pound.”

“You put a bag of excrement in front of Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid, and they’re going to step in it.”

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